Public Test Option in Launcher – Sign of PvP?

I hadn’t spotted this until snipeattacker pointed it out in the forums, an option to download the “public test” and to “play public test”. They have been there for a while but the Download Public Test link was not active and is now, even if it does only take you to Battle.Net at the moment.

So what does this mean? Well it looks like Blizzard are finally going to put up a test version of the game for future changes. This is common in MMOs where you have a separate version of the client which lets you check out changes before they go live.

With PvP still to come, this new addition could be to test the game’s PvP to get feedback, it could also mean that before any big changes go live in a patch they will look for feedback before finalising a patch. If this is the case then it’s great news for players. Right now the download link goes to Battle.Net but I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the coming days, and funnily enough, this was discussed by the team in the last podcast.


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  1. PvP needs to come fast all my friends have left and I haven’t played this game since 1.04 for a bit, its dieing hard for me and I really don’t want it to T.T

  2. This should have been in the game since the start… But they didn’t even think they needed a real beta.

    • A beta with 10 million players, I would call that the realest beta ever. I am sure they aim for 1 billion copies sold when the game is finally released in 2013. The fact that the game is still in beta explains why it bores so quickly 😉

  3. [quote]This is common in MMOs[/quote]
    This is also common for Starcraft 2.
    Nice addition, but I wonder how they would handle characters – to test some features players may need their lvl60s. Maybe the database will be copied? How is it handled in WoW?

    • WoW handles it two ways. You can copy over a character from your account to the PTR and sometimes they’ll give you the option of creating a pre-made character with average gear to try out.

      • It might also be like the PTR was for Diablo 2 where you could use text commands to level your character and get gold.
        Would be much easier if you could just copy your characters though…

  4. I was stymied that the game didn’t have a PTR before now. The dev team would have really been screwed (working the late shift) if they launched 1.04 with a game crippling bug.

    PTR is a great step toward getting 1.1 right… just look at the job the in-house testers did beyond normal difficulty…

  5. i hope not !!!!!!
    like others said before , this game is great as is and does NOT NEED pvp.

  6. So how many will complain when they get pwned by people who bought the best gear off of the auction houses ? This is going to bring so much more controversy. Get your popcorn ready!

  7. Forums reported as attack site again

  8. They are fine, we are trying to see what Google is playing at.

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