Public Beta Invites have Begun (really this time)

The Beta server went down earlier today and shortly after, many people have reported that their accounts are flagged for Beta. Looks like the first batch of Opt-in players have now been selected for the Beta!

At this stage it seems Beta Invitation emails may be delayed so make sure you check your actual account by logging in and checking your games list!

Congrats to everyone who got in today!

Update: A reminder, Blizzard may email you to say that Diablo 3 Beta has been added to your account, and in some cases they are sending activated codes, but there are a lot of scammers around as well.

We’d like to remind those looking forward to an invite to the Diablo III beta to be wary of phishing attempts. If you believe you’ve received an invite to the Diablo III beta test, it’s best to refrain from clicking on any links in the email, and instead log in to your account to see if a Diablo III beta game account was granted.
And remember, Blizzard will NEVER ask for your password!

For more information on account security please visit

Click through for a quote of a common fake email.

Greetings from Blizzard Entertainment!

We’re gearing up for the forthcoming launch of Diablo III and would like to extend you an invitation to participate in the beta test. If you are interested in participating, you need to have a account, which you can create on our website.

We will flag you for access to the Diablo III beta test when we begin admitting press. You do not need to go through the opt-in process.

To secure your place among the first of Sanctuary’s heroes,Please use the following template below to verify your account and information via email.

* Name:
* Battle.account name:
* Password:
* Country:
* E-mail Address:

Thanks and see you all in the Burning Hells!

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90 thoughts on “Public Beta Invites have Begun (really this time)

    • Me Neither… nor my wife… was hoping two accounts would double our chances, but alas no… where is that hacked server again…

  1. Nope, nothing here either, not even on my wife’s account (who doesn’t play much anymore, but gets lucky nonetheless)

  2. Nothing on either of my accounts 🙁

    The bloke at NerdyBlog is skeptical, he reported on the live stream that there are no more players yet.

    Seems like a very limited round of invites if anything at all.

  3. Wow, they announce beta, and don’t send out invites. Twice, apparently…
    And yet I’m still hooked.

  4. Sad panda bear 😥 no invites on either of my accounts either. Super Jealous of you for getting in. If your trolling GTFO 😛

  5. Hmmm.. no invite here either, but strangely enough, at the moment there are only 39 players in public games, so it couldn’t have been that many that got invited. under 100 people if you ask me.

  6. My brother just got in which means so did I!  Sounds like the odds were pretty slim. Definitely gracious to try out the game I’ve been following for years and the predecessors I’ve replayed countlessly – woot woot!

  7. None on my single account 🙁
    And it is a decent number of opt ins, there is a lot of activity of the official forums, many new beta faces.

  8. ~Just got up to the sight of my BF playing Diablo 3~ I almost killed him to play it.  😈

    Edit: We are almost never awake at the same time because of work, so he’s going “let” me play too.

  9. Not sure if it has ever been brought up in forums but wouldn’t it make sense to let people play beta for, say, a week and then transfer their key to the next fan? This way pressure on the servers would be the same but more fans would have a chance to try the game..

  10. im a bit lost, how do i check on bnet? i logged in, and before this i had a beta profile, with D3 selected, now it is gone and i got another msg to tell me to create a beta profile again (with the windows and mac download button ). i redo the process, and when i click send, it led me to another log in screen, and when i tried to login, it says “This service is not available”…… 


    And now i couldnt even log into my bnet account………… 🙁

  11. LMAO at the fake email, Blizzard wouldn’t ask you to confirm or verify anything. You’d only need to login into your Bnet account as you normally do, and the D3 beta would be there waiting for you.

    These guys are so STUPID!! It’s painful!

    No invite here either, but not heartbroken. Would rather play the entire game, and not just a snippet. Seriously, how many times can you play that tiny beta before you get sick of it anyway? I’d rather get sick of the full length D3.

    PS: who here has ever been targetted by a Nigerian email scam? Lol I have 3 years ago, and I laughed at them, made up some crazy demands they’d have to yield to first.

  12. Someone please ask for statistics. Exactly how many invites were sent out there? -_- couse I don’t hear or see of anyone getting a so precious invite. And also now with the recent delay announced I really don’t see as fair some playing D3, even if only beta, for so long and some just stare like idiots into the abyss…or the bnet account page clicking refresh like zombies. Thanks.

    • Me too.  But today I got another email from blizzard too.  It was an invite – but I checked my account first, so I had already been playing it and beat the skeleton king before I got my email 😛

  13. I got an email today during work – trying to log into now but am being told numerous errors occurring… but yay I’m in the beta!
    Edit: from Australia for those of you wondering, and all I have attached to my Battle.Net account is an expired WoW account, D2 and a trial SC2.

    • Congrats, thanks for confirming the Aussie invite thing, site was stuffed for me as well. Unfortunately no invite here 🙁

    • i had some error getting into Bnet just now as well (aussie here too), and 1 minute ago worked out how to solve it. Apparently I got kicked into the SEA website/ server. Once i change the region to US (where my bnet account is on) I can log in fine. (the tell=tale is the “ instead of in the address) To change the region is at the bottom right corner (i think).
      Gratz on the beta, i didnt get in….. 🙁

    • lolo, my first way has been the google and the US luncher still isn’t what I’m looking for 🙂 Please, somebody share the EU luncher!

      • i don´t think that  there´s any EU-Launcher outisde. Everybody in germany who has some of the rare D3-flagged-Acc. uses the launcher postet above…

  14. Guys … there was no invites check this out there’s like 37 ppl playing right now … info from last report … If they send a wave of invites there would be much more ppl on-line …

    • thats public games.  almost nobody is playing public games.  they are starting private games which there are no stats for.  so don’t judge anything by those numbers

  15. Yes, but the german Keys are only sent to Press and some Gaming-Webmasters etc. Nothing really public! Take a look at the automatic Groupfinder in D3. There are mostly not more tha 40-60 Users online. Thats not very much for a worldwide beta i think.

  16. I’m from bulgaria is there any chance i can get in the beta ?! cause non of my friends got invites 🙁 ❗

  17. I’m gonna shock you now, BUT I TOTALLY didn’t get in!! I live in europe so I don’t even know if we’re gonna see a beta here.

    • Europe have got invites ppl in sweden,poland,denmark got keys but still its very limited amount of keys if you check the official d3 forum

  18. Going very smoothly on my HD Radeon 4850 on  1280×1024 with everything on high except shadows on medium. Playing cooperative with 3 other players was also smooth. For me its just great cause my graphic card is 3 years old and still do the job. Ill replace it anyway, but now i know it won’t be so soon ;] My config is: Win Xp 32bit, 4Gb RAM DDR2 800MHz Dual Ch. Core2Duo E8500. Tried playing also on GF 8600GT but it looked poorly and wasnt smooth enough.

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