You need deesss.

    You need deesss.

    There’s been a lot of talk about how (over) powerful the Barbarian’s Immortal King set is, as seen in Patch 2.2.0 on the PTR, and here’s a useful video demonstration of that fact. It’s by The Outdated Gamer and in the video he uses Whirlwind to steamroll through a level 40 Greater Rift, in under 4 minutes, without feeling even remotely endangered. That’s fairly impressive, but the amazing part comes after the Grift, when he shows off his gear… and it’s crap!

    Okay, not crap, there’s a six-piece IK set and the “all the WotB” Mortick’s Brace, but he’s dual wielding with 2600/2300 DPS weapons, he’s using 3 level 25 LGems, none of his gear is enchanted to ideal stats, his lowest resistances are in the ~800 range, his unbuffed toughness is just 16m, etc. And that’s the point; he could easily improve his performance 25% with ideal rolls on everything and higher level LGems, to say nothing of better Ancient weapons, higher Paragon Points, etc… and he’s still able to effortlessly obliterate a GR40.

    See for yourself. PTR: The Amazing Immortal King’s Set in Action:

    At this rate we’re going to need reservations to play Barbs in v2.2.0, just so every single game doesn’t look like a Harrogath High class reunion.

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