PTR: The Amazing Immortal King’s Set in Action

You need deesss.

You need deesss.

There’s been a lot of talk about how (over) powerful the Barbarian’s Immortal King set is, as seen in Patch 2.2.0 on the PTR, and here’s a useful video demonstration of that fact. It’s by The Outdated Gamer and in the video he uses Whirlwind to steamroll through a level 40 Greater Rift, in under 4 minutes, without feeling even remotely endangered. That’s fairly impressive, but the amazing part comes after the Grift, when he shows off his gear… and it’s crap!

Okay, not crap, there’s a six-piece IK set and the “all the WotB” Mortick’s Brace, but he’s dual wielding with 2600/2300 DPS weapons, he’s using 3 level 25 LGems, none of his gear is enchanted to ideal stats, his lowest resistances are in the ~800 range, his unbuffed toughness is just 16m, etc. And that’s the point; he could easily improve his performance 25% with ideal rolls on everything and higher level LGems, to say nothing of better Ancient weapons, higher Paragon Points, etc… and he’s still able to effortlessly obliterate a GR40.

See for yourself. PTR: The Amazing Immortal King’s Set in Action:

At this rate we’re going to need reservations to play Barbs in v2.2.0, just so every single game doesn’t look like a Harrogath High class reunion.

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  1. yeah i did a 42 just with my ik gear under 4min to and without the bracers tho.. fun to play ww again hope the patch soon comes so sick of raekors lol..

  2. Yeah, IK set is pretty awesome (OP?) on the PTR right now. I played around with the set this afternoon and put together a odd build relying on a more ranged approach (with Ancient Spear/Boulder Toss as my main Fury spender) and taking advantage of huge damage from Call of the Ancients (with a TnT equipped as well). I managed to (barely) clear a lvl 44 Grift (haven't upgraded any of my gems yet…and only have about 230% CD). Perma-WoTB is incredibly powerful by itself but the IK set bonus makes it devastating. I don't play Diablo to chase leaderboards, but this is a pretty impressive set and makes the gameplay a lot of fun (which is my main focus in the game).

    I won't be surprised if Blizzard ends up scaling back the set bonuses (or make changes to the affected skills), but if they don't they've clearly created an enormous gap in power between the Barb and other classes.

  3. Question one has to ask themselves before logging on the D3 PTR: Is it worth it to play my broken Barb and salvage the crappy items, and level my gems?
    Question one has to ask themselves before logging on live: Is it worth it to play my broken DH and salvage the crappy items, and level my gems?
    Decisions, decisions…

  4. Vanilla: "Perma-Wrath is too powerful and hurting the game."
    2.2: "Lol, we give you every rune on bracers, too."

    Stop adding the same mistakes you already fixed, dummies.

    • yeah, i'm amused the guy in the video is basically running the exact same spin2win build that was OP through most of vanilla, which bliz nerfed in D3v2 because perma-WotB was too powerful. And yet now…

      • Maybe we're finally seeing what WW barbs were saying at the time, which is that other builds should be made more awesome instead of WW nerfed? Also, the vanilla WW build was achievable in yellows…I think the point of 6-piece sets is for them to be amazing. But this might still be a bit much…

    • That, and this guy's second ring:

      Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac – "Whenever you spend primary resource, a random cooldown is advanced one second."

      Hm! That's not abusable by spammable skills at all. What did he socket into it? Also he put a Taeguk into it. Fitting.

      Now how about I put that ring on a Wizard who uses a cheap spender to give Frost Nova and Explosive Blast 100% uptime? We had a name for that too.

  5. Tested all the new sets – Tal Rasha, DH IK etc. They will have to adjust IK doen or the others up to balance them.

  6. Personally I was never upset with the barb being "OP" in vanilla. It was more that other classes couldn't run the most difficult content, regardless of gear.

    If we come full circle to barbs being king (or queen) again it doesn't seem as big a deal. The other classes are in a much better place.

  7. I am also not upset about a class being OP. More upset about one build for each class being OP AND people/dev consider that the power of this build is the required power for end game. With this setting only one build per class get all the fun.
    I really hope dev will not listen to M6/WW/CM people whining that the game is too easy, or at least adjust everything using hardcore as reference.

  8. Lol, crap for you, I'm taking his items without thinking 😛

  9. level 48 in under 8 minutes with IK and dual wield. Using speed/lightning gem with taeg, BOT, SOJ and Skull grasp rings. Right now it is fun to dual wield and move at a nice speed.

    Next update I fear will be painful. I don’t mind if it gets harder to do higher grifts, but I would have to lose the speed and resource gen from the dual wield weapons. Also it would be nice to hold onto the perm WOTB.

    To be honest the original 2.2 patch was not as powerful as this update but pets did more damage. barbs were hitting 54 or so on grifts on that patch compared to low 60’s now. If they went back to the original patch barbs would be more inline with other classes. still high but not as much. I fear complete loss of WOTB, but at least I got to play a WW barb with lots of fun in the PTR.

    I doubt I will play it once it rolls out live as it will feel weak by then.

  10. I did want to mention that it is not just the IK set that is being used in most cases. It is a mix of the Waste WW set and the IK. 3 pieces of the Waste and 5 of IK including the IK weapon which has up to 100% increase in the 3 ancients damage. This gives the barb 500% rend damage, 40% damage reduction while WWing plus the bonuses from IK set. Toss in the mortick braces with all runes of WOTB in play and that is the base build at the moment. Lots of options off of that build.

  11. Just throwing in a comment after the new patch hit PTR…IK set got nerfed pretty hard (WoTB bonus is now only 100%). I wouldn't be surprised if Blizz revises the 6 piece bonus again, but I wouldn't count on it being nearly as powerful. Plus, the new affix for Call of the Ancients on the IK weapon was reduced to 40-60% dmg (down from 60-80% I think).

    It was pretty easy to see this nerf coming at some point, but getting it now is a good sign of progress on the patch for the live servers.

  12. yeah I just saw the patch update. could have been worse. they did not touch the dual wield weapon set, but looks like I will need to work rend into my build via the waste set. I was hoping to avoid it as I will have to drop sprint. now I wish they would make the bul kathos oath weapon set part of the waste set without changes in set bonuses as that would be very useful. I could run 3 and 5 set pieces and get the 40% reduction without a loss of a lot of regen and speed.

    Hey devs – I am asking for the Moon. Can I have it??

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