PTR Termination! (Artist unknown.)

    PTR Termination! (Artist unknown.)

    Update: Blue says the problems are now fixed and all PTR play should be fine. I tested a game a bit ago and it worked fine for me at least, and everyone in the clan said they were playing okay as well. Happy hunting.

    Updated: 7/15 3:56 p.m. PDT

    The PTR servers have stabilized. Game terminations should no longer be occurring. We’ll be continuing to monitor, but the issue should now be resolved.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Original post…

    The PTR was offline all night as Blizzard attempted to fix the connection/termination problems. They were partially successful, and some players can again test to their heart’s content without getting disconnected and rolled back every 5 minutes. Others can not, and workarounds don’t fix the issue for everyone, but you might want to give it a try.

    Thanks for the additional reports, folks. This has been a burly issue that’s extended into hardware, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We know you’re eager to get your testing on!

    If you haven’t already, please restart your game client before entering the game, and keep letting us know if these issues persist. We’re continuing to investigate and appreciate your ongoing reports and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.

    I’ll be creating a sticky so those of you who want to can track the issue there without having to dig through additional posts. Please feel free to continue providing your reports here, though.

    This is what I did.

    1. Close Game
    2. Close Battle.net Client
    3. Open Battle.net Client
    4. Check “Scan & Repair” PTR client (takes 5 min)
    5. Close Client -> Reload
    6. Enter Game
    7. Try to play -> Terminated
    8. Try to create new game “code 33…”
    9. Thanks to everyone who gave this a shot, and for the thorough descriptions of the steps you took. It’s really helpful! I’ll pass this information on accordingly.

    Nobbie offers a workaround that he says worked for him:

    This worked for me after I got the license error when I first logged into the PTR today:

  • 1.) Do the Scan/Repair for the PTR Client
  • 2.) Quit the game and the launcher
  • 3.) Kill the Battle.net and Agent processes via Windows Task Manager
  • 4.) Delete the Battle.net Cache Folder.
  • 5.) IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS
  • 6.) Restart the launcher and the game
  • I’ve been playing several hours without any problems since then in Bounties and Rifts/Greater Rifts. I also picked up all items, used Cain’s Book to identify, logged out from town and restarted several new games – no problems so far. I’ll report back if/when that changes.

    Update: Yet more Blue posts as this issues from late Wednesday afternoon, because computers are hard.

    Updated: 7/15 at 12:20 p.m. PDT

    We’ve issued a resolution to the PTR servers that should address this issue.

    However, a small number of players may continue experiencing terminated games, though fewer instances of this issue should result over the next 60-90 minutes. We’re continuing to monitor performance as this resolution takes hold and we will provide an additional update once this has been completed.

    Thank you.

    Updated: 7/15 at 2:09 p.m. PDT

    We are beginning to see a resurgence of game terminations. Our team is once again investigating the source of this issue for additional troubleshooting.

    When the PTR was down all night I got the urge to play a bit before bed, so I got on the live realm… it’s really hard to go back. Not having any difficulty higher than T6 felt like I was in kindergarten, and I immediately missed my cube powers as my character felt gimped by a lack of resource. And I almost died (Hardcore) flying through a GR35 (T8 simulation!) since I’ve gotten used to the Unity buff through the cube on the PTR and was playing more recklessly (faster) than is practical for a mortal hero.

    This happens on most of the PTRs, where players who test a lot find the Live game uncompelling, but it might be even more pronounced this time than in past patches, since the Cube has such an impact on your char’s overall power level and abilities.

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