PTR Technical Problems Under Investigation

PTR Technical Problems Under Investigation

Watch out, Sarah Conner.
Watch out, Sarah Conner.
Players on the PTR had technical issues all weekend with abrupt with constant game crashes. You’d start playing a new game (a joyful experience with the queues very short all weekend) and after a few minutes the pop up you see to the right would appear, and your game would end with you being sent back to the lobby. So you’d create a new game, and several minutes in… TERMINATED.

PTR Technical Problems Under Investigation:

Still terminated games, and not a word from Blizz

It’s been going on for 2 days now, all we want is a blue post saying they KNOW about the issue and are or are not working to resolve this.
Nevalistis: That’s what I’m here to do now. 🙂

We’re aware of the issue that is prematurely terminating PTR games and actively investigating at this time. While we have no further updates to provide just yet, we’ll let you know once a resolution is in sight.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.

I can not seem to log into my account on the PTR. Every time I try I get the error code 395000. I have reinstalled the client, I have checked everything yet still can not get in.
Nevalistis: This is most likely related to the game termination issue other players are reporting, which is currently under investigation.

It’s probably more correct to call this a server disconnect issue, but it’s much more fun and pun-worthy to say you have been TERMINATED.

The frustrating thing was that you got it constantly, or not at all, and logging out and back on might fix it, or might not. Trying to play test Saturday night, I had to give up when I got terminated 4 or 5x in a row, while others in the clan were playing trouble free. Then Sunday, I played for a few hours without any hangups while others in the clan kept logging on, trying to play for half an hour while suffering multiple terminations, and giving up.

Furthermore, it would roll you back to the last saved state, which was usually 10+ minutes ago. So you’d play, find some good stuff, get terminated, and be back where you were mid-way through your previous game. I had the amusing experience Saturday night of finding myself back with an inv full of the same items every time I restarted, including a pair of Ancient Marauder’s boots. So every game I’d start and ID the boots, again, go enchant the +12% Impale damage into something useful (which took 1 or 15 rolls, depending on the game), and then after 5 or 10 minutes, TERMINATED.

People in the clan who weren’t getting disconnected started to wonder how I kept finding a new Ancient set boots every game, and what was my haxor MF secret. NEVER TELL.

Update: More Blue posts as the termination issues continue into a new week:

PTR here to test and find bugs , problems and fix them before it get to Live server.
Nevalistis: This is the most important point to remember. It’s a complex issue, and it’s an opportunity for us to observe, test around, and investigate this issue in the PTR environment. We certainly want to prevent something like this from potentially occurring on live servers.

Any update on the matter?
Not as of yet. It’s important to remember that the PTR servers can (and will) go down for unexpected periods of time and may experience issues such as this. Unlike our live servers, they are a tool intended for testing and uneven game performance will occur.

We will continue working diligently on resolving this issue, and as soon as I have additional information to share, I’ll be back here to update you all. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “PTR Technical Problems Under Investigation

  1. For those who want to test anyway, I've found a "workaround": You can save your progress if you play just some minutes and then manually log out from any zone except the town (before the game terminates you). This way your current progress is a least saved.

  2. Is this thread about Season 4 on the PTR? If so my hang up is I can't even access Season 4 and don't know if it is something I'm doing/not doing. Appreciate any input.

    • Finally this morning I had an option to create a Seasonal character. That box had not appeared before.

  3. You constantly mention the clan but every time I hop on the PTR and look I'm not seeing any clan with 'Inc' in the name.  What's up with that?  =P

  4. Actually, as of this morning, even exiting the game from anywhere (for me at least) won’t save progess even if you exit before the game is terminated. I did that and when I came back, I was the same level and missing all the items I had found during the previous session. This was after getting kicked out of the game after 2 – 4 minutes of play the previous three times. So hard to even use the PTR until they get this resolved since most of my time was just sitting in game queues to play for a couple minutes and then lose all progress, rinse and repeat.

    • Still an issue as off right now. Played a new character for a few minutes, leveled up to L5, game got terminated, no progress saved. Pretty pointless playing on the PTR until this is fixed.

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