PTR: Reaper of Souls Patch 2.2.0… soon

The next Reaper of Souls patch is going up for PTR testing later tonight, and there was great excite throughout the house. PTR: Reaper of Souls Patch 2.2.0… soon:

[Notice] PTR Available Soon

We are preparing to launch patch 2.2.0 on the PTR. You may notice that the PTR is currently available for download in the launcher.

At this time, the PTR is not yet live, and you will receive an error if you attempt to log in.

Patch 2.2.0 includes migration to a new file system called CASC (which you can read more about here). As a result, the installation may take longer than you’ve previously experienced. We’re also running additional internal tests before opening up the PTR to the public. Once the the PTR servers are available for testing, we’ll update this thread accordingly and post patch notes. Keep an eye on our front page for more information.

We’re excited to share our latest patch and thank you for your patience as we make our final preparations.

Refer to the recent Patch 2.2.0 preview for details on what’s going to be available for testing, but there are new goblin types, new item sets, new legendary items, new bounties and exploration tasks, and more. (Not necessarily all right away, though. Patches on the PTR usually get content added and fixes made over time. That’s what the PTR is for, after all.)

I’m eager to get on and test some, but I’m also torn since I’m doing well in Season Two and was planning to go for GR40 tonight with my HC DH. (A fast clear on GR37 last night put me into the top 100 HC on Americas, for all classes.) Alas, testing duty calls, as I can pretend you guys are waiting another batch of our mega PTR testing articles.

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  1. I am hoping they have the new 6 piece bonuses for the old sets in this patch. That is what I am most curious about.

  2. Looking forward to the articles.

    I don't play PTR anymore, I let others do the RSI, and burning out work for me.

  3. I've never been one to jump on the PTR, I just don't seem the point if nothing gets carried over.

  4. I wonder if blizzard has ever considered the possibility of allowing PTR items to transfer over to your non-seasonal acc via in game mail (unless it's a new item not yet available on the current patch) maybe it's because the ptr is a separate realm like the americas/europe. It would certainly be an incentive to play the ptr if great items you found could transfer over, but I doubt they ever would.

    • Perverse incentives would abound with that. And it would constrain what Bliz can do for testing, as they like to try out things and change things and put in new game states. The last PTR started off with Season Two and +2000% legendary drop rates, so players had better than their normal gear in a day or two.

      And remember, that resulted in so many people wanting to try it that the PTR was swamped with hour+ log in waits.

      I think enough fans just enjoy testing out the new stuff and seeing the new items that they don't need to offer permanent incentives. Though maybe special PTR Feats or Strength would be cool, dinging to your account.

      • Oh I can certainly understand that when there is a legendary buff like that and you're right the servers were so slammed it was unplayable and likely not what blizzard was going for. I do like the idea of feats of strength or possibly even Banner customizations for big PTR patches.

  5. blizzard would have to pay me to play their ptr.

    after the very first ptr, i told myself never to do it again.

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful article.

  7. love the ptr … it's a rare opportunity to try builds that may never actually make it to the game. true

    last ptr there was the 2000% buff to legendary drop rates. (my single favorite diablo gaming experience)

    Don't miss out

  8. It's unlikely I'd try even with the crazy legendary buff thing. I can just hear about it while remaining a community pillar in games that have permadeath and are actually good.

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