FPS was OK, and the Strafe build was great!

    No frame rate probs, and the Strafe build is working great.

    One of the biggest issues on the PTR this patch is the big machine performance hits most players are taking. Most players I’ve talked to have had the same problem as me, with the frame rate much slower than they see it on the Live game. Slower just walking around town, and much slower during combat. My FPS has been going to 1 (or less) during big combat scenes, especially in multiplayer games, and it’s made testing difficult. Not just less fun, but it’s been literally impossible to use builds that require a lot of precise aiming and movement, since that can’t be done at slide show frame rates.

    So I was happy to see this Blue post, announcing a hotfix. PRT Performance Issues… Resolved?

    A minor patch has been deployed to the PTR to address performance issues that some of you may have been experiencing.

    In the past, we would typically delay such minor patches and instead package them together with other pending changes. However, as a result of our conversion to the new CASC file type, we’re able to more quickly push smaller, surgical patches to address specific critical performance issues like this. Please note that, unlike typical patches, this one will be much smaller and does not contain content changes, such as tweaks or adjustments to classes and sets. The patch notes have not been updated as a result.

    The PTR will enter a short maintenance as a result of this patch. We don’t have an ETA to provide at this time for when it will be available, but keep an eye on this post and we’ll let you know once this maintenance has been completed.

    We will be having additional patches later in the PTR cycle, and we’ll keep you informed as those draw closer. Thank you, as always, for your diligence in reporting these issues and your active participation in our 2.2.0 PTR!

    I hadn’t been on the PTR for a few days, so I got on to check after I saw this post, and after a small patch update I entered a game (no queue whatsoever), spent a moment puzzling over the Natalya’s Set Strafe build I had on my DH (which I’d entirely forgotten creating), and leapt into a Rift… and it was fine. Played just like Live. No slowdown at all, FPS at 60+ for the whole game, in any sort of combat, with any kind of visuals, on any level the Rifts took me to.

    I wasn’t able to test in a 4p game with all the fireworks going off, but previously, my frame rate would drop to slide show speed even in a solo game, when the action got hot or when I rolled certain tilesets. There was zero evidence of that in my testing session just now, so if you were also suffering big slow downs while on the PTR last week… go try it now and see. The problems are completely resolved, for my machine at least.

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