More updates to patch notes have been added to the previous list. Some of them are rather interesting – for instance, they took the legendary and set drop rate, and then doubled it.


    • DiabloWikiWhirlwind
      • Fury cost from 16 to 9 10
      • Current cost is now a flat value per cycle + an additional cost based on attack speed. Changing this slightly so that the new continual cost is 7 flat + 3 per cycle. The end result is that the cost discrepancy between slow weapons and fast weapons has been greatly reduced.

    Demon Hunter

    • DiabloWikiEvasive Fire
      • Skill Rune – Shrapnel has been replaced with a new rune: “Hardened”
      • Hardened increases your Armor by 50% 25% for 3 seconds and replaces the backflip


    • DiabloWikiIce Armor
      • Now reduces damage from melee attacks by 8% 12%
    • Skill Rune – Crystallize
      • Armor bonus per stack reduced from 30% to 20%
    • DiabloWikiMeteor
      • Delay between cast and impact reduced from 2 seconds to 1.25 seconds
      • Arcane Power cost reduced from 60 to 50
      • Skill Rune – Star Pact
        • Proc coefficient reduced from 0.1 to 0.05
      • Skill Rune – Meteor Shower
        • Proc coefficient reduced from 0.25 to 0.10625
      • Skill Rune – Liquefy
        • Proc coefficient reduced from 0.125 to 0.10625
    • DiabloWikiRay of Frost
      • Skill Rune – Sleet Storm
      • Weapon damage increased from 215% to 333% 280%
      • Proc scalar reduced from 0.25 to 0.1875
    • DiabloWikiSpectral Blade
      • Proc coefficient reduced from 0.222 to 0.14
      • Skill Rune – Healing Blades
        • Removed Critical Hit requirement
        • Heal amount reduced from 8% to 5% of critical damage done
      • Skill Rune – Thrown Blades
      • Proc coefficient reduced from 0.111 to 0.08

    Bug Fixes

    • DiabloWikiArchon: Teleport
      • Now properly breaks roots when cast
    • DiabloWikiMagic Weapon
      • Skill Rune – Blood Magic
      • Blood Magic should now work with damge over time spells (such as Archon: Disintegrate, Ray of Frost, etc)
    • Illusionist
      • Illusionist should now reset the cooldown of Archon: Teleport when it procs


    • The chance for Legendary and set items to drop has been doubled

    Bug Fixes

    • The Hellfire Ring can no longer be dropped on the ground
    • Mara’s Kaleidoscope can now correctly roll 3 random affixes in addition to its 3 fixed affixes
    • Fixed an issue with Nagelring and Unity legendary rings which caused them to not drop


    • Elite modifiers have been changed slightly at higher levels:
    • The minimum stun duration required for most Elites is now 0.65 seconds (up from 0.5 seconds); stuns less than 0.65 seconds will have no effect
    • The minimum stun duration required for Rares and bosses is now 0.85 seconds (up from 0.5 seconds); stuns less than 0.85 seconds will have no effect
    • Lacunis now have a cooldown on their combo attack

    Bug Fixes

    • Monsters with the Desecrator affix will no longer occasionally cast desecrator pools on players more than 50 yards away
    • Arcane Enchanted will now properly reduced their damage based on a players Damage Reduction Against Elites modifier

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