PTR: Patch Coming Next Week + Character Wipe

Why there are GR40 keys in this preview?

Why there are GR40 keys in this preview image?

Blizzard has announced that they will wipe all characters on the PTR next week, when the first major balance fixes come to Patch 2.3. They will also be turning off the community buff when the patch goes live, so players who wish to test out Season Four will be starting off at level zero with no special level up buffs. Players who do not wish to start from scratch will still be able to copy over their live accounts and play their current characters on the PTR, in non-seasonal mode.

PTR: Patch Coming Next Week + Character Wipe.

Our first PTR patch is coming up next week. In anticipation of this update, we want to give you a heads up that we will also be wiping progress on the PTR when the patch is issued.

This is because we want to make sure the overall 2.3.0 changes to Adventure Mode are thoroughly tested. However, a bug in the first PTR patch allowed level 70 crafted items to be equipped by low-level characters. This was unintended and skewed progression at the start of PTR Season 4, making a wipe necessary to ensure that it is no longer factoring into the leveling process.

We will be closing and creating a new Focused Feedback thread for Adventure Mode when the patch is deployed to collect feedback untainted by this bug. While we understand that a loss of progression can be frustrating to some, it’s important to remember this is the nature of the PTR. Its intent is to facilitate testing, and we love seeing all your dedicated and thoughtful feedback.

Thank you for all your enthusiastic feedback and testing. We look forward to sharing our upcoming changes with you!

Click through for some follow up Blue replies confirming the full PTR wipe and end of the community buff.

I suspect it will be the same as S4 start, where we had no buff while leveling to test normal performance.
This is correct. As in the past, we’ll continue to activate and deactivate community buffs based on testing needs. Once we get the data we’re looking for on leveling, we may reactivate the buff to facilitate testing other aspects of the game.

Neva, will you wipe non season as well? Everything?
Wanted to double check to confirm this before I answered. Yes, this will be a full wipe, though you will be able to copy over your live characters as always if you don’t plan on testing Season 4. Going to update the announcement thread with that clarification.

I’ve seen plenty of conjecture that we’re prioritizing the 1-70 experience over the level 70 experience. This is not the case, we know a lot of your time is spent at 70 and there will be plenty of adjustments and tweaks in the upcoming PTR patch that are of interest to max level players.

However, the 1-70 experience is valuable for many players, from those who are new to the game to those that enjoy the fresh start of a Season. Many of the changes we’ve implemented, including those made to crafting and upgrading non-Legendary gems, are intended to make the leveling process feel more smooth. That deserves testing too, especially without mitigating circumstances.

I think they’re worrying too much about the 1-70 thing. Yes, a bug let players craft and use high level rare items, but that just made the 1-70 grind a couple of hours faster. It had no impact on anything involving the Cube or play above level 60ish, which is where the Patch changes really began matter.

At any rate, last weekend I complained about the end of the community buff before S4, but played anyway and found the 1-70 and then P1-P200 (before the community buff turned back on this week) very educational. Getting back to 70 was boring, but without the buff it was interesting to see how the economy has been tweaked, how materials are balanced (very well/evenly), how the Grifts and LGems progress (much more slowly), etc. That said, I will not be participating in S4 part 2 next week, because 1) I just did that, and 2) work/busy.

Any of you guys planning to leap in and go from level 1 in Blizzard’s grand re-experiment?


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  1. Considering:A) All mats you find/salvage pre-60 are now the same as post-60, everything you find is kind of useful.B) Pre-70 legs are even more useful, even just for souls (which is the biggest bottleneck when you first start seriously enchanting for sockets). And saving them up for Cube powers adds even more uses.C) A + B makes 1-70 much better. Yes, it's still long and boring, but it's not nearly as "useless" as it was before. Skipping most of the gem levels also makes this less annoying.D) B/c of all this, they shouldn't be afraid of the "bug" that let us use level 60 weapons as soon as we had enough gold, or level 70 weapons once we had a Death Breath. Yes, it shaved an hour or so off your leveling time. As if two hours was anything compared to the hundreds of hours you're about to sink into your 70 character, getting Paragon, L-Gems levels, collecting ancient sets, etc. Just making the crafting meta-game more granular and annoying just makes it more granular and annoying.E) They need to dump the boss bounties. The chests aren't that helpful after awhile, and friends don't let friends run Malthiel bounties. I never have enough Westmarch water b/c there are so many terrible, awful, stupid, miserable bounties. And I just skip and remake a game if one of them is Malth. They had the right idea last patch, where they just got rid of all "confirm box" boss bounties. Much better; nothing in those chests is worth it.

  2. The Great Rift 40 achievement stones are probably for hitting/going past GR40

  3. at tr 10 : urzael is hard, i had to remake him like 3 times.
    belial once he start his endless acid pool, he’s impossible (if you don’t have a mara / or unity.

  4. I will not be participating next week – I'm busy farming for Death's Breath for when 2.3 hits the live servers.  SPEAKING OF. Do you guys think the season will last longer than the minimum 4 months that were promised? It started on April 10, so theoretically the earliest it could end is August 10. This means the earliest 2 weeks notice that Blizzard also promised would be on Monday the 27th. I can't wait! What's everyone playing in S4?

  5. The first ptr patch will come this week so it will be unlkely that the new season will start around 10 aug (14 aug is on friday). I tihnk 21aug is the start of the new season and i hope that 2/2.5 months will be the optimal length  because this was just to long for me imho

  6. testing line spacing \n\n  i am here

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