Meteor Rules! But only in fan art.

    Meteor Rules! But only in fan art.

    Blizzard continues working furiously right up to the deadline in their efforts to launch Patch 2.2.0 and Season Three weeks early. PTR Patch and Leaderboard Wipe:

    The PTR has been brought down for a short period of time to deploy several hotfixes. In addition, we will be wiping the following Seasonal and Non-Seasonal leaderboards for both Hardcore and Normal mode:

  • Wizard Solo
  • 2-player
  • 3-player
  • 4-player
  • What’s the Wizard issue that required a wipe of all leaderboards a Wizard might have impacted? A buff to defense and a big buff to Hydra damage due to bugs with Tal Rasha’s new set bonuses. Click through for the PTR patch notes with full details.

    The below hotfixes are now live:


    • Fixed a number of issues that would result in the game crashing (4/1)
      • Note: One of these fixes has reset the increased blood shard cap for players who have hit high Greater Rift levels. This is a PTR-only issue and can be resolved by completing another high-level Greater Rift.
    • Players who did not participate in a Nephalem or Greater Rift are no longer able to talk to Orek to close them (4/1)
    • The Greater Rift countdown timer should no longer overlap with NPC health bars (4/1)


    Broken Promises

    • Non-critical hits that occur while the 100% Critical Hit buff is active no longer count toward activating the buff again (4/1)
      • This is to prevent situations in which abilities that do not crit are able to provide 100% uptime of this buff

      Tal Rasha’s Elements

    • Fixed an issue where the 4-piece power was erroneously increasing Resistances by 200% instead of 100% (4/1)
    • Raiment of a Thousand Storms

    • Fixed an issue where the 4-piece bonus would only charge 50 Spirit instead of the 75 Spirit indicated by the tooltip (4/1)
    • Monsters
      Orlash – Rift Guardian

    • Orlash’s melee attacks no longer inflict a healing reduction debuff (4/1)
    • Fixed an issue where Exorcists would deal unusually high damage in Greater Rift Trials when two or more players are in the game (4/1)



      • Rune – Dust Devils
        • Fixed an issue where tornados would not spawn if a Barbarian was too close to certain walls (4/1)



    • Fixed an issue where Hydra was gaining a larger than intended bonus from the Tal Rasha’s 6-piece (4/1)

    Insert “Blizzard hates wizards!” and “if it was a Demon Hunter bug, they’d have left it in!” grief pr0n here.

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