PTR Patch 2.2.0: Auto-Pickup at Last!

It's not going to pick itself up...

It’s not going to pick itself up…

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Patch 2.2.0 on the PTR has made a Quality of Life breakthrough by implementing auto-pickup for gems and materials… sort of.

The way it works is that all items of the same type within about twenty yards auto-pickup when you click one of them. So if there are 10 different Veiled Crystals lying around, in stacks of various sizes, when you click one, all the others auto-pickup. The same goes for other types of materials, and also gems, but only the same type. So if you click a Marquise Topaz, you’ll pick up all the other Marquise Topazes within range, but not Marquise Emeralds, or Imperial Topazes.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it greatly reduces the amount of clicking you need to do for clean up after a Guardian, or even after a mega-pack of Goblins. And it satisfies the Dev’s desire to require *some* amount of clicking, to give players the feeling/reminder that they’re actually accumulating something.

What do you guys think of this imperfect, compromise solution? Acceptable, or you will not be happy with anything short of vacuuming up all materials/gems like Blood Shards, but without the ridiculously low hard cap?

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  1. At least it’s something.

  2. Hella-F*(&ing-luya. I’ll take that, thankyou blizzard.

  3. Sacred 2 did auto-pickup well, pressing Q would pick up everything within a radius of your character & there was an option to pick up everything above a minimum quality (everything, magic & better, rare & better, unique only). This way you'd still see the loot-splosion, but you don't need to go nuts picking everything up, just hit 1 key & everything that you want goes into your inventory.

  4. just give us ignore potion pickup and auto like gold when near on all craft material.. how hard is it damit?

  5. Hell, it's about time.

  6. I never understood why this they didn't program this as the way to do it when tehy made the game. Sometimes I wonder if they played their game at all when they were making it. I never wanted full auto pick up, this though, is my ideal solution. There should still be the option for those that don't agree that this is perfect.

  7. The devs want to remind you that you are accumulating something. In the screenshot the entire areas is filled with crap. When it disappears, you should realize you have accumulated something.

    This seems half-assed and stubborn, like how they liked it when you ID's each item individually. Would much prefer autopickup hotkey, hidden like the elective mode option, with available settings on what to pickup.

  8. it boggles the mind how they cannot learn from all the awesome work done in WoW.
    Like the previous posters said … hide it in the options somewhere if you so worried about the 'non-harcore' experience.
    I would like to add to this something u discussed in the pod-cast … get rid of that utterly ridiculous gem crafting system !!!
    I live in south africa, using a 3g connection to play … at best i can queue about 4 gems … lag hits … and the queue is reset
    I have to manually click 27 times to create a flawless – my neighbours must listen in horror at the profanities i shout at my pc each time i see that 1 gem was created when i set it to create 50 while making coffee !
    Where WoW's crafting is immaculate, streamlined, with no annoying sounds (not that i ever have d3's sound turned on anymore … i miss Matt Uleman :((
    wow's crafting system carries on making materials DURING LAG !!

  9. Something is better than nothing, but this is a very small something. It should at least pick up all the gems if u click a gem. The more autopickup the better for stackable items. Honestly they shouldn't even take inventory space. You should have a counter for each currency the same way you have a gold counter.

  10. Seriously people, read the PTR Patch notes or some of the posts about the undocumented changes before ranting over issues fixed in the PTR.

    Gem crafting/Item crafting solved.(Craft as many items as you set in 1 cast)
    Health Potion also fixed, no more Health Potion drops and the Potion is in your Bar and can be used infinitely.
    Auto Pickup, solved in the best way I believe, I don't pick up everything anymore, some gems I have too many and I don't want them anymore if I reach over 5000, when I decide that I want them I will start picking them up and this solution fixes that issue. When the gems stop taking bag space which is probably never then I wouldn't mind auto pickup without me having to click on any item.

  11. I’m cool with this. I don’t mind clicking on stuff to pick them up but god I hated clean-up after a goblin pack. So many single stacks of veiled crystals.

  12. Wouldn't know… can't even get on to the PTR due to all the congestion.

  13. "…to give players the feeling/reminder that they’re actually accumulating something."

    i am constantly reminded of that every time i open my out of space stash.

  14. Nobody picks up gems anyway unless you freshly started seasons so that mistake is still okay.

  15. either you are very lucky in getting perfect jewelry … or u don't care to reroll yours to be better … either way … gems are always needed to get those stats just right on rings and ammies ! (not to mention getting sockets into them)

  16. I would prefer to have a companion pet named Kirby that would suck up everything for me. Also, another companion that would go to town and salvage blues and yellows for me.

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