Season Four gogogo!

    Season Four gogogo!

    Season Four is live on the PTR, beginning right at 5pm as promised. Surprisingly, the community buff is gone, so starting off in S4 means no bonus legendary drop rate, bonus Shards, double Goblins, etc. I’d honestly suspect that Bliz turned it off by accident (or just forgot to turn it on for S4) since every past season on the PTR has offered the buff, as an incentive to players to spend the time building new chars and trying out the new gear.

    I was going to leap into S4 testing, but without the community buff ain’t nobody got time fo dat, when I can just keep testing the new sets and legs on my existing account.

    In other PTR news, the queues are virtually gone today, with even softcore games being created in just a few minutes. The whole system seems to have been tweaked, and when you connect to the PTR you now get a queue just to log on… but then almost no queues at all to create games. It’s impossible to say if they increased the PTR capacity or if this metering of player log ins is making a huge difference, but as I said, everyone’s creating games today with almost no delay at all, once they make it in past the velvet ropes at the door.

    Update: Shockingly, the community buff ending is intentional.

    we will be turning off the Community Buff on the PTR this evening at the same time Season 4 launches (5 p.m. PDT). We really want you to get the feel for what Season 4 leveling will be like with a new addition like Kanai’s Cube and the various balance changes that have happened. As the PTR progresses and testing needs arise, we may activate the buff again afterward.

    Terrible decision, IMHO. There is zero chance I’m going to sink the hours into leveling up from scratch just to get back to lvl 70 and beyond, just for a PTR character that’ll be erased in a few weeks. Not when I can just play an existing level 70 right now on the PTR, with all the new gear I want to test out. Getting to use the handful of new Seasonal legendary items isn’t worth that effort.

    Hopefully there are other players with enough free time to sink into the 1-70 grind and then the slow gearing up after that, but almost everyone I’d talked to with interest in playing S4 was counting on a very quick trip to 70 and beyond.

    What do you guys think? Does the community buff ending influence your interest in testing S4 on the PTR?

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