PTR: Instant Closing Nephalem Rifts = Bug

Fun while they lasted...

Fun while they lasted…

The changes that made normal Nephalem Rifts much faster on the PTR keep going away, as first the Elites dropping progress orbs was bug-fixed, and now a Blue reveals that the very nice “no more 30s wasted timer” improvement… is also a bug.

PTR: Instant Closing Nephalem Rifts = Bug:

Not enjoying instant closing of rifts.

Sometimes you foolishly close the Rift before you’ve collected everything out of force of habit. With the timer you at least had a chance to grab those things.
Tyvalir: Hey guys, I wanted to clear up some confusion I’ve seen in this thread and elsewhere about why Rifts close on the PTR as soon as you speak to Orek after beating the Rift Guardian. Simply put, this is a bug which we’ll be fixing before patch 2.2.0 goes live.

As a side note, we’ve heard players share feedback about the closing mechanism for Rifts when you’re playing in groups. While we don’t have any plans to change the timer before a Rift closes, we are continuing to pass these thoughts on to the design team.

While I sympathize with the OP, and actually made that same point on last week’s Podcast (beware force of habit clicking Orek as soon as you portal back to town, while planning to quick gamble and then return to pick up your Shards), I’d be happy to risk occasionally cheating myself out of some Blood Shards in exchange for instant Rift closures after killing the Guardian. After all, saving 30s every time adds up to another whole Rift every 6 or 8 or 10 Rifts, depending on your clear time.

I guess the 30s delay is needed in multiplayer games, (though maybe if everyone clicked Orek the countdown could terminate?) but there’s zero reason to retain it in single player. Well, aside from pee breaks. As we joked on the last podcast, without the dead time spent upgrading gems one at a time (fixed in v2.2.0) and waiting for Rifts to close, when would we ever get to stretch our legs?


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  1. Need at least 15-30 sec. Always some people who instant close rifts…

  2. Simple UI tweak – when closing a rift, let Orek have two options, 30s wait or instant.

    But no, Blizzard would come up with some bullshit excuse why it's too confusing for noobs.

  3. The game already can tell the difference between single player and multiplayer.

    Single player: Instant close.
    Multi player: 30 second timer, instant close if clicked twice.

    For all 3 people not farming solo, there you go.

    • This, but no instant option for multiplayer. People are going to get upset if they’re not given 30 seconds because of intentional griefing. Single player should be instant though.

  4. What they could do is have Orek instant close GRIFTS in closed party games and keep the 30s timer in public games.

    By using this method I think everybody wins; on one hand the closed party is aware of the situation and cannot close the GRIFT until all players have talked to ursh. The GRIFT will close instantly. Then on the other hand in public games there will be a 30 second countdown when last player has talked to urshi and someone in-game talks to Orek to initiate the closing of the GRIFT.

    Thoughts on this?

  5. *sigh*
    When talking to Oric,
    Are people in rift? If Y, don't close.
    If N, close instantly.

    Problem solved.

    But that takes a tiny ounce of responsibility for keeping your shard count down between rifts. Since I used that respons-whatever word, this won't ever happen. Players are too stupid to function, after all.

  6. So the rift progress globes in normal rifts was a bug and not a feature? 🙁 I was really looking forward to faster rifts.

  7. I only play solo and I like instant closing rifts, pain in the *bottom* to wait for it to close all the time. This is a feature, not a bug.

  8. Do you Really want to close the rift?
    [yes] Instant close

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