PTR Hotfixes Updated

The first Goat.

The first Goat.

We’re clearly in the home stretch of Patch 2.3, with the fixes minor tweaks and bug squashing efforts, as you can see in the new PTR Hotfixes Updated:


  • Fixed an issue where the bounty “The Three Guardians” could not be completed if the Khazra Drum was destroyed by a ranged attack (8/13)
  • Items

  • Convention of Elements
    • Rift Guardians no longer take increased damage from the Conduit Pylon while the lightning buff from this item is active (8/12)
  • Fixed an issue where the Mimics spawned from The Grin Reaper would not benefit from SuWong Diviner (8/13)
  • We posted an article feature on the Goat Ancients in the Ruins of Sescheron from the PTR, if you want more details/spoilers about that Drum hotfix.

    And it’s a good thing they’re approaching the finish line, with the patch set to drop August 28th, after the current season ends on August 23rd.

    Soon. Soon! Soon?

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    1. I don’t like that nerf to the Conduit Plyons. Can’t lightening be any lightening? As if it lasts long enough anyway :'(.

    2. They're very defensive about how we kill their RG's aren't they. Why don't they just port the player to an arena when the RG turns up and turn off all of our buff's. I know this sounds sarcastic and it's not really, more a tone of frustration about why they make these decisions. Why put buff's in the game only to remove them when the player really would like to use them. It makes Blizzard look very fragile and scared or just overly sensitive to me.

    3. What's really frustrating about this is that it makes the game harder to understand. This ring buffs your damage, except in this or that situation (which you don't know about unless you keep up with the news). Cooldowns trigger from the start or after the effect, depending. Maybe your off hand weapon damage matters, maybe it doesn't. CONSISTENCY, PEOPLE. IT'S A GOOD THING.

    4. A propos of wording: the new Bane of the Stricken says "bosses and rift guardians". So… Elites?

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