news-leaderboard-ptr-27march2015Blizzard has posted news of changes to some skills and a wipe of the PTR leaderboards, as testing for patch 2.2.0 draws closer to the finish line.

    Upcoming Bug Fix Patch and Leaderboard Wipe

    We will be applying a small patch later today to fix several bugs on the 2.2.0 PTR. In addition, we will be resetting all Seasonal and Non-Seasonal leaderboards to allow them to better reflect previous changes and the upcoming bug fixes.

    There should be minimal downtime to apply this patch. Please keep an eye on our PTR Hotfix list for more information once this patch goes live and the hotfixes have been applied.

    Obviously, there’d be no need to wipe the leaderboard if players were still exceeding the highest scores, and there’s an obvious leftover from the few days when the IK set was mega-buffed and Barbs were suddenly doing GR60, 10-15 GRs higher than any other classes.

    Looking at the PTR leaderboards right now, this is pretty obvious. In Hardcore, the highest clears for all classes are 46-49, with Barbs up to 57. In Softcore it’s a similar situation with Barb GRs way above everyone else, though DHs are a bit above the other four classes as well.

    Click through for a gallery of the rest of the single class and the 2p, 3p, and 4p standings on the current PTR leaderboard, plus details about today’s hotfixes…

    Other PTR news this morning details the coming hotfixes, all of them bug fixes to items and skills.



    • DiabloWikiMutilation Guard – Legendary Gem
      • The unique powers of Mutilation Gem should now function properly.
    • DiabloWikiQuetzalcoatl
      • Fixed an issue where the unique power from Quetzalcoatl would not increase the damage dealt from the Jade Harvester 2-piece bonus

    Demon Hunter

    • DiabloWikiStrafe
      • Rune – Icy Trail
        • Fixed an issue where Strafe – Icy Trail would significantly reduce the cooldown of Rain of Vengeance when coupled with Natalya’s Vengeance 2-piece bonus.
    • DiabloWikiSmokescreen
      • Rune – Healing Vapors
        • Smokescreen – Healing Vapors now correctly goes on cooldown after the buff ends

    Witch Doctor

    • DiabloWikiFetish Sycophants
      • Fixed an issue where Fetish Sycophants were not dealing increased
        damage from your highest Elemental Damage type


    • DiabloWikiHydra
      • Fixed an issue where Hydra would not benefit from the Tal Rasha’s 6-piece bonus
    • DiabloWikiMeteor
      • Fixed an issue where Meteor would not trigger Bastions of Will
      • Fixed an issue where Meteor would not proc Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac’s cooldown effect

    It seems like the devs are really rushing to get v2.2.0 and Season Three live, with still impactful patches on the PTR less than two weeks before v2.2.0 is set to go live. (Current target is during the weekly maintenance on April 7th.) As I recall, past D3 patches on the PTR have had longer testing cycles and gone weeks at the end with only minor tweaks and bug fixes.

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