Blue shared some hotfixes that went live Friday, and something else that needs to go on the next hotfixes. PTR Hotfixes and Gem Hoarder Bugs:

    The below hotfixes are now live:

    • Wrath of the Wastes (New Barbarian Set)
      • Should now properly have a chance to drop (2/27)
    • Unhallowed Essence (New Demon Hunter Set)
      • Should now properly have a chance to drop (2/27)
    • Delsere’s Magnum Opus (New Wizard Set)
      • Should now properly have a chance to drop (2/27)
    • Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • The damage from the 2-piece bonus should now be multiplicative instead of additive (2/27)

    Corrupted Ashbringer

  • This item’s legendary affix has been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.
  • From what I’ve heard, the only performance issue Corrupted Ashbringer had was being far too awesome. When the proc kicked in and the damage escalated, it became basically the ultimate tool of monster misery, making its wielder capable of of one-shotting GR35+ Guardians.

    The odd Gem Hoarder drop results.

    The odd Gem Hoarder drop results.

    So I just killed a gem hoarder and it dropped a mix of flawless star and flawless square gems along with the imperial and marquise gems. Is this supposed to happen?
    Tyvalir: Nope! This is definitely a bug, and should be addressed in the next PTR patch.

    The DiabloWikiGem Hoarder thing was obviously a bug, and an odd one. Annoying mostly since with the +2000% legendary drop rate your inventory filled up so quickly that extra stacks of useless low rank gems were a real nuisance. That said, I almost enjoyed seeing those old sub-Marquise gems again. I hadn’t seen any since D3v and they were sort of pretty, with their odd square and pentagonal shapes.

    Speaking of the Gem Hoarder, since players not on the PTR keep asking, the three new Goblin types are either ultra rare, or not spawning yet. I’ve never seen any yet, despite finding dozens of the others and a couple of mega-packs. And if you’re wondering, aA Goblin pack with on 2000% legendary drop rates is just obscene. You’re talking 3-4 trips back to town just to carry off all the Legs, and you actually have to excavate down through stacks of 3 or 4 legs per goblin if you only want to pick up certain leg types. I’ve only been bothering with sets, jewelry, and weapons, since otherwise you spend too much time returning to town.

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