PTR Game Disconnects Continue: Fix Tonight?

PTR is not your friend.

PTR is not your friend.

Last weekend’s saga of repeated game disconnects on the PTR has continued into this week, with a technical fix attempted this afternoon. It didn’t work, not entirely at least, and the PTR is going down again tonight at 7pm PDT for another effort to cure the hiccups.

PTR Game Disconnects Continue: Fix Tonight?

We’re bringing the PTR down shortly to apply some updates, which we’re hoping will fix the issues players have reported with games being terminated. We hope to have it back up again soon, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime!

Confirmed, PTR is up.
Indeed, the PTR is back up. As others have noted, we are continuing to see some disconnects occur. We expect these may continue for a little while longer, and we’ll have an update for you as soon as possible.

I have another update to share with you. We’re planning on bringing down the PTR at 7pm PST tonight, and we’re doing our best to minimize any downtime this creates. Currently we don’t have an ETA to share for when we expect the PTR to be back up, but we’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as we’re able to.

I tried to play some last night and it was impossible. Game terminated every time after 5-10m, and even when I logged off and back on, it kept recurring. With the usual rollback to my character’s state from when I first logged on, which was amusing since I was about 1000 exp from the next Paragon level, so every game when I’d try again, I’d *ding* on the first monster I killed.

At one point I played for just a couple of minutes, went back to town, left the game, and logged off of I then logged back on, got into a new game (at least there weren’t any queues!)… and I was back to my initial state, one kill from the next level up. Even though I had played briefly and logged off before my client got TERMINATED, it still rolled me back just the same. So let’s hope tonight’s maintenance can fix the issue, because it’s ruined the potential testing for most players over the past few days.

Update: The PTR didn’t go down for service until about two hours after the target time, and there was no speedy fix. The test realm remained inaccessible all evening with no further news from Blizzard. Hopefully we’ll get an update Wednesday morning.

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  1. On and off yesterday i prolly spent 4 hours on the PTR. As with Flux, i was being terminated every 5-10mins and rolled back. Wears you down after awhile especially when i’m a lowly paragon 50 and most every legendary drop you see is an upgrade. Had to laugh in the end at how good some of the items i’d found which were lost in rollbacks – almost perfect ancient krider, even found a furnace while playing on my DH.. couldnt even get it transmuted before i was rolledback. Such is life on the PTR tho 🙂

    What i did find grating was the odd comment in general chat by people in the same situation as myself who were howled down by players demanding they stop whining and to (keeping it clean) go away. Poor form.. obviously made by people who wernt affected by the terminator.

  2. It was the longest 69-70 of my life…  Eventualy did one bounties -> log off -> rince repeat…

  3. How long is the PTR?

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