With the PTR reset the PTR Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Notes Updated with many changes and new features. It’s easiest to view the skill changes via the handy before/after comparison tables Rush posted yesterday, but there’s a lot of other new stuff worth noting.

    ptr-splashThe following are the important changes/additions made in the new patch.


    Greater Rifts
    * The Greater Rift difficulty curve has been adjusted


    Depth Diggers
    * The damage bonus provided by this item’s Legendary Power no longer includes Witch Doctor and Wizard Signature Spells

    * The Exploding Palm applied by this item will now use the Skill Rune you’re currently using
    * Fulminating Onslaught will now only apply Exploding Palm to the primary target of each strike

    Ramaladni’s Gift
    * Bug Fixes
    * Players will now properly be prompted with a confirmation dialog before using Ramalandi’s Gift

    User Interface
    * Greater Rifts now have a unique icon that displays when a Greater Rift is open or when a player is inside a Greater Rift
    * Greater Rift completion times should now always be broadcast to your chat window

    Bug Fixes
    * Fixed an issue that prevented players from changing the difficulty of a game after a Greater Rift had been completed
    * Fixed an issue that was causing monsters in Greater Rifts to grant more Experience than intended
    * Player pets no longer improperly gain bonuses based on the difficulty of a Greater Rift
    * Fixed an issue preventing players from upgrading Legendary gems located in their Stash

    Life on Hit is no longer affected by proc coefficients and will now only be triggered once per attack, as long as that attack dealt damage
    * Channeled attacks will provide an amount of healing over any given period of time that is equivalent to a non-channeled attack


    Legendary Gems have been added
    * Legendary gems can only be dropped by Greater Rift Guardians
    * Legendary Gems are account-bound and can only be socketed into Rings and Amulets
    ** Known Issue: Legendary Gems can currently be socketed into items they are not intended for
    * Legendary Gems can be upgraded by speaking with Urshi (a new NPC) inside a Greater Rift
    ** Urshi will only appear after a player’s Greater Rift journey has ended (i.e. after the Rift timer has expired) and the Rift Guardian in the current level has been defeated
    ** Upgrading a Legendary Gem to the next rank has higher chance of success and a higher chance of granting multiple ranks based on the Greater Rift level you reach (the higher Greater Rift level, the higher chance of success/multiple ranks)
    ** The only requirement to upgrade a Legendary Gem is the gem itself; there is no other cost associated with upgrading
    ** Each Legendary Gem has a property listed in blue that will be upgraded each time the gem’s rank increases
    ** Each Legendary Gem has a secondary power that will be unlocked when it reaches Rank 50
    ** Players will not receive a duplicate of any Legendary Gem the character they’re currently playing has access to
    ** This includes Legendary Gems in the character’s inventory, its followers’s inventories, or the Shared Stash, as well as Legendary Gems socketed in items in those locations

    Mad Monarch’s Scepter
    * Now counts assists in addition to kills

    Item Bug Fixes

    Legendary items that directly deal damage should now all properly benefit from the appropriate +% Elemental Damage item affix, including:
    * Blackfeather – +%Physical Damage
    * Bul-Kathos’s Oath (2) Set Bonus – +%Physical Damage
    * Cinder Switch – +%Fire Damage
    * Death’s Bargain – +%Physical Damage
    * Death Watch Mantle – +%Physical Damage
    * Fulminator – +%Lightning Damage
    * Odyn Son – +%Lightning Damage
    * Maximus – +%Fire Damage
    * Moonlight Ward – +%Arcane Damage
    * Schaefer’s Hammer – +%Lightning Damage
    * Scourge – +%Fire Damage
    * Shenlong’s Spirit (2) Set Bonus – +%Fire Damage
    * Stalgard’s Decimator – +%Physical Damage
    * Storm Crow – +%Fire Damage
    * Thunderfury – +%Lightning Damage

    Fixed an issue that caused Nemesis Bracers to only spawn Fallen Champions when used inside Nephalem Rifts

    Fixed an issue that prevented players from purchasing class-specific Legendary items for other classes from Kadala

    * A new option has been added to display an icon that indicates an item’s rarity
    * A new minimap icon has been added for Set items
    * A new matchmaking tag has been added for Greater Rifts

    That last change to gambling created some knotted knickers on the forum, and got additional explanation from Blue.

    Now we can gamble class items for all classes regardless of the class gambling on. This is a TERRIBLE idea. I just gambled Jade shoulders and Akkhan shoulders on my barb in 370 shards spent on shoulders. The odds of you getting a item that you want or can use for the class you are playing are SEVERELY diminished with this nonsensical change.
    Grimiku: There’s currently an active bug on the PTR that is causing Kadala to give players an unintended amount of off-class gear. We plan on addressing this issue in the near future (ideally before 2.1.0 goes live), and we’ll be sure to let all of you know when we do. If the fix makes it into the PTR, we’ll include it as a line the PTR patch notes.

    Here’s a little more on what happened, though, for those of you who are curious. Previously, there was an active bug that sometimes caused players to lose Blood Shards whenever purchasing an item from Kadala. The result was that players would spend their Shards, but not receive any item return. This bug had a chance to occur whenever a player purchased a class-specific item (like a Mojo or Source) with a class that couldn’t equip it (like a Barbarian), and the game then happened to roll that item as a Legendary. The fix for this older bug, which went live in with the most recent PTR build, had an unintended side effect of giving Kadala a greater chance to offer off-class Legendary items than intended.

    So it sounds like characters will be able to gamble class set items for other classes, but that shouldn’t happen very often; certainly less often than it is now on the PTR.

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