Zing, zang, boom.

    Zing, zang, boom.

    Friday evening a blue announced that the PTR community buff was back on, giving players a weekend of super-charged item finding.

    The following buff is now active on the PTR:

  • 2000% Bonus Chance to find Legendaries
  • This buff was reactivated on July 24 at 5:00 p.m. PDT. Happy testing!

    In related news, game creation queues are back to 4+ hours Friday night.

    In other related news, our clan is back in action, after this weeks’ patch wiped all PTR characters and clans. (We were maxed out at 150/150 members before the wipe, and had been kicking anyone who hadn’t logged on for a week+ to create room for active players.) Our PTR clan is open to all, softcore or hardcore, and as usual on the PTR, it’s useful to be in a clan since you can join someone else’s game, rather than sitting for hours trying to create your own.

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