Not quite, but almost like this!

    Totally legit screenshot.

    The musical chairs status of for the community buff continues on the PTR, and the +2000% legendary find (plus double goblins, 300% exp, etc) was disabled late Monday evening. On the downside, no more mega drops and extra exp/gold. On the bright side, no more 5 hour queues!

    The following buff has been disabled and is no longer active on the PTR:

  • 2000% Bonus Chance to find Legendaries
  • This buff was removed on July 28 at 01:00 a.m. CEST. We will be activating and deactivating community buffs throughout the course of the PTR as testing needs arise.

    PTR Community Buff Off: Drop Rates Up!

    Bliz still hasn’t said anything official about the legendary drop rate buff in this patch, but I played for a while tonight after the buff was turned off, and the legs were just raining down.

    My new S4 char was about Paragon 25 without much gear, so I did some solo T1 rifts and couldn’t believe the drop rate. I found 4-8 legs in every Rift by the time I activated the Guardian, which is way more than double what I’d have expected to find playing on the Live realm. Hell, I’d be shocked to find 4-8 legs on Live playing on T6 with my best gear and some MF on, much less T1 with a newly-level 70.

    After a few T1 Rifts I went up to T6, and the legs continued to flow in great numbers… but not that much more than I was getting on T1. I could probably be convinced that Bliz has really turned up the leg drops on lower difficulty levels, to help new players gear up and level up quickly… but that would probably be tinfoil hat territory.

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