PTR v2.1.2 Buff

    Going, going, gone!

    Blizzard posted news this afternoon that the huge PTR community buff is ending this evening, giving us a whole four hours of notice for the change. PTR Community Buff Ends Today:

    The community buffs currently active on the PTR will be disabled today, December 1st, at 5PM PST. We do not anticipate any downtime as a result of removing these buffs.

    We hope this buff has been helpful in your testing endeavors and, as always, we appreciate your diligent efforts on the PTR!

    I was too busy IRL to play over the holiday weekend, but I did a couple of quick Rift runs last night while getting screens for that big Ancient Items article, and as I dashed through, picking up only the legs that dropped right in front of me (and all the orange bows, still hoping for a Kridershot) I found myself wondering about a return to mortal drop rates. And now I’ll get to find out.

    Gem of Ease

    Gem of Ease

    For one thing, I’ve been wanting to try to get some of the faster Rift clear achievements, but when 30 legs drop within 3-4 minutes, taking the time to pick up even half of them derails any chance at sub-two-minute Rift clears. I’ve also leveled the new LGem, the Gem of Ease, to 25, and have been wanting to try out that super twink on a new character… but I knew I couldn’t get any sense of how fast was the progression when the community buff was throwing down triple EXP. (The exp gain on the gem only goes up 1 per level, but the level 25 property grants the weapon it’s in a level 1 requirement. What’s a level 1 char feel like with a 3400 dps Ancient Legendary sword? No idea, but I’m curious to find out.)

    That said, I’ll miss the mega leg drop rate when I do make a new char. My DH can hardly improve on gear at this point, but I’ve been wanting play a Monk to try out the set changes for that class. And I still can, but it’ll obviously take more than an hour or two to deck out fully in the high level set items.

    Are you guys sad to see the community buff go? Or glad? In theory we’ll see a lot less crowding on the PTR now, so at least those long game creation times will be a thing of the past.

    Update: I logged on at 5:05 and the buff is gone. No notice about it in-game; just a lack of the buff icon over the tool bar. I played a couple of T6 Rifts with my DH and the lack of leg drops was… refreshing? It’s at least evidence of scarcity boosting value, since after a couple of dungeon levels with nothing but blue and yellow junk dropping, the clang of an orange belt gave me a little bit of excite, for an object I wouldn’t even have slowed to pick up when the buff was still active.

    I didn’t notice the exp decrease (I’m P514 in Season 2, so it was getting slower already), except that I was able to stack up some DiabloWikiyellow water bonus for the first time on the current PTR. I did notice and will miss the double goblins, but now I’m curious what the first Malevolent Tormentor I find will drop, now that the 2000% legendary buff won’t turn all normal goblins into leg fountains as well.

    Update #2: Nevalistis fielded a question about the upcoming patch on Twitter… with no ETA.

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