PTR and Reaper of Souls Bugs and Fixes

Some useful Blue posts on bugs and other changes in the Reaper of Souls beta (and usually the PTR for the future of D3 as well).

The first one points out how limited the enchanting options are for legacy legendary items and wonders if that’s an intentional feature. (I assumed it was, since in the F&F Beta you could enchant/upgrade lvl 60 items to be better than new-found gear, and that was changed in the next patch by limiting and downgrading the enchant options on legacy gear.)

Is this an intended feature to reduce the attractiveness of using legacy items?
This isn’t intended, and is an issue we’re currently investigating.

I recall that the limited choices the Mystic had originally was a display bug, that you can still reroll the primaries to stats outside what was listed. However, now you’re only able to reroll into whatever is displayed.
We believe it’s related to this bug, but I don’t have an ETA on a fix at the moment. It is being looked into, though!

pool-of-reflection1Another player asks about the newly-added, yellow-colored Pools of Reflection and if they are working as intended. They display nothing when you click them in-game, but do show up in your Char window, though incorrectly.

Just wanted to note that there’s a display issue with the bonus being provided. I described some of the other Pool of Reflection mechanics here, but I’ll bullet point myself for visibility’s sake. =)

  • Despite the bonus being listed at 0.25% experience, it’s actually providing 25% bonus experience. This is a known bug.
  • Each additional Pool of Reflection claimed increases the duration of the buff by 10% of the experience required for you to reach your next level/Paragon level.
  • You can see how much bonus experience you have left to benefit from by hovering over your Experience bar.
  • The bonus experience persists on logout, but is lost if you die.
  • As one more point of clarification, this experience does affect all experience gains (including Quest/Bounty/Rift Completion/Event experience bonuses). However, the bonus isn’t currently reflected in the UI at this time.

    Click through for a couple of more Blues on a bug with -level req stats on the PTR and the removal of Tomes of Secret.

    The bug that has been observed since the latest PTR patch is that all level 60 items (does not seem to affect those lower) are dropping primarily with -level reduction property on them. Good estimate from my play testing has been roughly 85-90% of drops.

    Additionally, all items that are level 60 that are crafted are rolling very similar stats. I crafted approximately 10 bracers of intellect – all 10 had all res, int, and other similar properties. Same thing for chests, shoulders, and gloves I crafted as well.
    Nevalistis: Got an update on this particular oddity, folks. =)

    This was actually an unfortunate byproduct of moving the -Level Requirement affix from a Primary to a Secondary stat. We didn’t want Level Requirement to be competing with Primary stats such as Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/Vitality. However, during this process, the weight by which this affix rolls didn’t get updated, and as the pool for Secondary affixes is smaller, this has resulted in it appearing much more frequently than it should.

    This isn’t intended, and we plan on addressing this in a future patch.

    Thanks for the update, it seems somewhat more complex than just this as now many primary affixes such as core stats dont roll at all on items.
    This is a separate, but related, bug that we’re also aware of and working on. =)

    Have they removed Tome of secrets from RoS?

    in PTR i didnt have any in my inventory and didnt need them for crafting gems.
    Tome of Secrets are still found in Reaper of Souls, but they are only used for crafting items up to level 60. Players above level 60 will therefore not see them dropping any more, as they will instead see the next tier of materials dropping that are used to craft items above level 60.

    …Actually it seems like I jumped the gun and posted before double checking if the information I had was still up to date. I of course had no intention to post outdated information (Even I can get surprised sometimes at how fast things can iterate in a beta test).

    Tome of Secrets (and lower tiers of tomes as well) have been entirely removed in the latest PTR/Beta patch and they were converted to Demonic Essences to test the latest crafting changes

    Any ways, sorry about the confusion 🙂

    Lots going on in the beta, and obviously Blizzard isn’t planning on having everything set in stone and finalized when the game goes gold, which must be occurring fairly soon, given the lead time required for a fifteen-language simultaneous world wide release. Not that there’s any reason they would do so, since it’s online-only and thus the beta fixing continues right up until (if not after) the launch day patch.

    On the podcast this weekend neither guest was real confident that everything would be fixed and balanced and adjusted and set into proper order by the launch. What say you guys? 1-10 scale, with 1 being “unplayagble disaster” and 10 being quite good? I’d set 10 higher, but as basically no game in the last decade or two has been released in a finished, polished, bug-free state, that would turn the 1-10 scale into more like a 1-7 scale right off the bat. (Diablo 1 was actually pretty close to 10, in terms of polish and bug-free. D2 and D2X were more like 6 or 7s, as both games required big patches a month or two after release to fix wagon-loads of lingering issues.)

    So just say that 10 = as good as you could reasonably expect, and vote your prediction/expectation for RoS’ release in the comments. I didn’t vote on the podcast since no one asked me to, but I’d say 6ish, thinking about it now. That doesn’t mean I’ll think the game is awesomely balanced and has ever feature I want, but that I think the devs will have it fairly well-balanced and feature-rich and bug-free by March 25th.

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    20 thoughts on “PTR and Reaper of Souls Bugs and Fixes

    1. 3 in current state.

      5.5 if they increase drop rates and fix these annoying bugs.

      7 if they address some the changes brought up by MVP’s.

      11 if they bring back trading, and jewels,runes or charms.

    2. I’ll go for a 6.5 by release but I can see that improving in post-release patches.

      By the way, it has been spotted that when you select Adventure Mode on the options screen now it references Devil’s Hand as a game mode… Interesting!

    3. 6.
      I’m assuming stuff like droprates will be increased before release though, so taking that into account.

      I dont think the game will be unplayable in technical terms, it will just be a gameplay mess, somewhat like vanilla, although better.

      • No, the current plan is for all crafting materials to be converted to RoS materials with the games release. Do not throw anything away until you see what makes the conversion, you could be wasting 500 demonic essence.

    4. 10 out of 10 if they bring back the AH and remove all the BOA stuff and remove the insanely low drop rates.

      /runs and hide

    5. I think Flux is pretty wrong about most games not releasing in a finished, polished state. The bug-free part is almost universally true: I don’t think I’ve ever played a game without a single bug or glitch. But most games that release now feel very polished and finished. Maybe he meant PC games; I don’t play many PC games (just LoL and D3), so that might be true, but there are a lot of games out there that feel very finished and polished. Some examples: Prince of Persia games, Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts games, etc.

      Because of this, I think that most games should be judged on the 1-10 basis, rather than the ‘1-7’ basis. For the current state of D3 RoS, I’d probably say it’s at a 6. If drops are fixed and major problems with drops (such as the glitches above) are fixed before launch, the 6 will probably become a 7 or 7.5. If itemization problems and other major glitched are fixed, that 7/7.5 will probably become 8.5.

      However, this only really matters in terms of how ‘fixed, balanced and well-adjusted’ the game is. In terms of game quality, I feel that current D3 is at 7 (low end of decent) and I’m hoping that RoS will improve the game to the point of being an 8.5-9 (good to very good, verging on excellent). If balancing is done poorly, and many issues are not fixed, RoS will probably only improve the score to 7.5; not a very meaningful improvement. If balancing is done fine, but not great, then RoS will probably be close to an 8. If balancing is done very well, it will probably become the 8.5-9 that I hope it will be. At this point, I expect the 8, and hope for better. However, I probably won’t buy the game right at release, just in case.

    6. I’m going to say a 5. The odds are pretty good that the day one patch will either a) break something they didn’t intend it to or b) have a fix in it that doesn’t work and will need to either hot fix it or scramble together a “day two” patch to get things working as intended. I still enjoy playing D3 but let’s face it, Blizz has not done a good job evaluating their bug fixes/patches (remember the Trail of Cinders issue?). =^-^=

    7. – Big numbers:
      My lvl60 Barb had 118k HP – 11.8k would satisfy me completely. Same Barb had 3500 str – 700 (dividing by 5) would be great. So now you can see that I would also take halving bonus from vit. Ofcourse this means changes to other, related stats (life regen, health from orbs, etc.) to keep current relations. Halving all res or damage, while nice, would not be necessary, at least for some time.
      – Legendaries are BiS:
      While I can understand that legs can roll higher than rares, I don’t get that rares can’t compete with legs (i.e. why not make a chance to “You can have another Hydra active” roll (exclusively) on rare wand, source and wizard hat? That you can add leg ring with “Your Hydras damage is multiplied by number of Hydras active” (cast by you). So if you want 4 hydras, you can’t have Chantodo Set, Tal Rasha’s set or other cool stuff.).
      – Split-farming
      While I’m solo player, if I would want to join others in game, I would want to play with them not to play solo with them only in the same game. Though I don’t care about effectiveness (tough word) so I can play Rifts with them 🙂

      Now? 8. After spreadsheet changes? 9.5.
      While game is not perfect I can’t help but like it. Yes, right now drop rates makes it depressing, but it’s easy to change. Loot 2.0 is good direction, skill changes are great (I’m talking about Barbs and Wizs, though I always liked sentry DH, can give him a try in live). There is stuff that makes it bitter (HUGE numbers or other) but how could you walk by Eirena and Female Wiz? I can’t 🙂

    8. If D2X at release is 7… No runewords, no charms, but… no rack runs to find high tier sets/uniques (since monsters couldn’t drop them – at all – iirc). If BoA somehow removes the 3rd party item selling and bnet dup… sorry, “economy”, then we are looking at a 7 for D3X1 😉

      Ok, seriously now. They come up with “partial BoA” (you can trade with the players you’re split farming bounties with) promising better drops, so they have to deliver.

      Josh said at gamescon presentation “6 times more legendaries” or something like that (not sure if “3 times more legendaries” now…) playing the same hours. It’s not about the drop rates, but about feeling rewarded for your playtime.

      Combat system is ok, challenge seems to be ok and torment 6 seems to be unbeatable – but none of us are 100% sure (some of use never will) because at this moment there’s no reason to go there…

      Obviously, it’s just a game and it shouldn’t have the meaning of life at the end of “full clear no deaths T6”, but players should be able to find a “reason” to keep playing by themselves when a game is good. Players do that often: just play games… They ain’t here saying: “Hey dev’s, call me Stanley, make me question the Parable of life at the end of every rift…”

      A few months ago there were so many riots asking for different things, but now people seem to be just accepting things since last patch. Sounds like: “So, ok, we don’t have PvP, necromancers or runewords and BoA seems to be here to stay… But now you kinda nerfed drop rates and we have to gamble our stuff? Shouldn’t we kill monsters?”

      I was going to give this game a 7, but after the last patch it’s looking like a 4… If they do something about the drop rates and XP rates (looks like they will, at least with the last one), they can salvage a 6-7 again.

      Note: this game will only get 7+ after they increase the movement speed cap. Imo, that is the major flaw that almost make not buy D3. The character feels so, so slow… Obviously it’s a personal opinion, other people consider itemization more relevant 🙂

    9. 3 if drop rate remains the same, and exp gain remains the same as on PTR. If both are fixed, then 7, assuming no game breaking bugs happen (e.g. can’t access character, can’t create game, etc)

      We should borrow the drop rate and exp gain ideas from WoW when WoW has an expansion. Exp gain at lvl 70 should easily match that in MP10 in D3V. Maybe not in Normal mode, but Torment 1 at the latest. Paragon exp cap has raised tremendously so exp gain should match.

      I feel the new paragon exp cap and exp rate are designed for those that already have Paraon 1000 in D3V, and that really hurts most players. I for one will never even get to the exp equivalent of P1000 of D3V, which means I will never achieve P300 in RoS. I for one would like see some player statistics to see what % of active players even have P1000. I would think the average is between P100 to P200.

      And the drop rate… With BOA in place, I will not be happy if drop rate doesn’t improve. We don’t have to worry about the global economy anymore; and the top legendaries have become even rarer. Something seems very wrong in the design vision.

    10. Well, pool of reflection is kinda…… meh.

      It’s gonna be abused. Pretty much perma 25% bonus xp. All you’ll have to do is get a second account, or a friend to find one for you, enter game, click on it, leave game, rinse and repeat a bunch of times, and wallah. Perma 25% bonus exp. It seems like you’ll be able to stack the duration so high, to where any normal play would theoretically keep it stacked.

      Whatever lol. Half the features they put in the game, are so obviously exploitable before they even implement them.

      But I guess I’m used to that. This is the D3 dev team after all xD

      • Also, as a side note, the higher character paragon level characters will even have a much easier time duration stacking. Just ding level 200 paragon? Time to go farm pools of reflection for a while…. 10% of the remaining xp on that bar will give you absurd amount of time I bet. haha

        • OH YEAH! OMG, no ladders though, that’s right. Guess no one will really give a shit about xp anyway. ;P

      • I played about 90m this morning with a DH, and did all the bounties in A2 and A3 in two consecutive games (they were the ones on double reward). In that play time I found 4 Pools of Reflection. If the spawn rate of them continues at about this pace, I don’t see any need to use exploits or pull friends to your game to get one; you’ll find enough in normal play to keep them active pretty much all the time, unless you’re playing very recklessly and dying multiple times per game.

        Obviously they’re kind of silly in Hardcore, where 99% of them will be pointless and players will start asking why they can’t stack, at least adding another 1% each additional one, with that bonus resetting each time you level up.

        • Hrm, that’s interesting. I guess that this is just their way of rewarding Softcore players for not dying, as they’ve been saying they want to…

          Either way, I find it quite silly, thx Flux ^_^

    11. Disciple, This is NOT a “new” game but an expansion to an EXISTING game and SHOULD be a LOT more polished than a “from scratch” effort! Seeing how Blizzard is constantly patching the patch I tend toward the low side of 4 to 4.5 on date of release. I think they put a projected date on the expansion under UNDO pressure and should, like 0bamacare, have had a MORE polished product before trying to satisfy the “unsatisfiable MMO minority.” I’ve played around 70-75 hours on the PTR and frankly it leaves me cold to know that MY style of solo ENJOYABLE play will be degraded as the “guild” and rush to “finish” crowds have put decent gear (even with the Loot 2.0 hype) once again further out of my reach so I’ve been seriously contemplating NOT buying a SINGLE copy of RoS for the 3 accounts I manage for me, my wife, and my grandson! It looks like a waste of $120 bucks to be drug further behind in my play style. D3V will have to be satisfying enough for us.

    12. Amen bro, but I tend to rate at 4 to 4.5 and NOT near the high side like you, I personally have been left cold by what I’ve experienced on the PTR and the occasional derogatory posts by some of the beta guys! And as a solo player myself, I see BiS gear even FURTHER out of reach than the current obscene prices of the current AH dictate. 😉

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