You have probably noticed an increase number of articles added to DiabloWiki which looks like links to blogs and fansites. Well, it’s not actually links out from the wiki, but proper wiki entries for said sites. Take a look at Diablo: IncGamers’s wiki entry, and it will all becomes a bit more clear.

    With this in mind I just wanted to point out that you can help promote your own guild, blog or fansite by adding it to the wiki. Just make a new article with your site/blog name, and start writing. We recommend just copying the structure for Diablo: IncGamers in terms of headlines and info/nav-boxes and replace info with your own to make it simple. You don’t need to have more than a few lines of text, just explaining what your site is about to the denizens of the internet. If it’s a guild you have, take a look at the Holy Knights of Westmarch instead for help

    On your article you can add links to different sections of your site or whatever other interesting information you want to have linked. This will help both with helping new people find your site and also to increase your Google Ranking (and other search engines’ rankings). You can also add your site on an appropriate place on the fansite list, but only add ONE link to your main site there, like everyone else. For now, just add the site article at the bottom of the list (we might look in to changing the order later).

    Lastly, myself and the rest of the hard working DialboWiki contributors would of course also immensely appreciate a little link back to our wiki’s front page from your site in return.

    If you have any questions, leave me a message on my DiabloWiki talk page, or just ask in the comments of this news item.

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