Project Blackstone under Development at Blizzard?

It seems that just this week Blizzard have the domain It currently doesn’t resolve but it’s only been alive a couple of days so it is still early days. We can’t tell from that what the title is but they often have code names for things they are working on. Project DiabloWikiTitan for the ongoing MMO and Diablo 3 was nicknamed Hydra – actually in retrospect that one is more obvious.

The full name only crops up in one of their titles that I know of and that’s World of Warcraft. There is a ring, an NPC and a bridge that bear the name Blackstone. So is it another expansion pack for WoW?  There is the DiabloWikiBlack Soulstone in Diablo 3 which is a looser connection but still, could it be the expansion pack for us? Or even looser is  their very old platform title Blackthorn. Or is it something entirely different?

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30 thoughts on “Project Blackstone under Development at Blizzard?

    • Pah! I was just adding that as you were adding the comment. Great minds eh:)

      Still, clutching at straws here, could be anything really couldn’t it.

  1. Given the leaked timeline a couple of years ago I would expect this to be related to Titan. After all, they need a new franchise given the other 3 have been around for a very long time now.

  2. Could be the expansion for Diablo III or a new Blackthorne game, but who really knows? If only someone at Blizzard leaked what this is for.

  3. I’ve been looking up the “Blackstone”-named things in WoW and they are all irrelevant things in the big and lore-rich WoW universe. A dwarf in the dwarven starter zone, a ring drop from a low-level 5-man (Maraudon) and Blackstone Span is the bridge that connects Tol Barad with Tol Barad Peninsula (PvP/daily quest hubs). There’s no lore behind any of this.

    So I would say the naming is just coincidence.

  4. Seriously now, they wouldn’t register a domain for a game’s codename! If anything, this is the exact title of a new game. It certainly does not sound like a possible name of an expansion pack for any of their current games.

  5. If the game is called “Project Blackstone” I think it would be a new IP…the “Project” title doesn’t make a lot of sense in the existing universes, imo.

    If it’s a codename, it could just be a Bourne reference (4th movie came out recently)….mash up of Blackbriar and Treadstone. Dunno.

    • Interesting. Maybe they are going to leverage activisions call of duty expertise. Next game is secret agent/military type fps with mmorpg elements?!? Archon voice – ‘the merging is complete’

  6. Honestly after the way they have handled D3 in the past 3 years, the fact its still in retail beta, their dev team is plagued with downs syndrome etc… just the way they crapped the bed in its entirety with this game has turned me right off of any and all future projects this company shall endeavour with the possible exceptions being the expansions to this game.

    After 20 years of being a Blizzard gamer first and foremost too.

    The times they are a changing.

  7. D3 in retail beta ?

    God , it’s the best game I played in years.

    Every idiot can post anythin really …

  8. It is the name of the D3 expansion.

    Why ? It was announced a few weeks back already.
    Everything about D3 is about the Stone of Evil.

    They will probably add a lot of crafting and other stones in the next story line.

    d3 has a perfect engine, so expect another block buster in sales as this stand alone expansion will come to PC’s and the next gen consoles as well. Being cross platform, the title will be a huge block buster since D3 will become … HOT in 2013 with its exciting PvP and ladders.

    Probably with added lessons learned.

    It is too early for a Wow expansion name and certainly not cool enough for a Titan name. And BaS already has a name.

  9. I bet my coins on D3 expansion. 😉

    I see the evil people in he XPansion some more doing all sort of crazy stuff with the black soulstone since all lords of hell are trapped there now.

  10. Maybe its a promotion for the expandsion? Like the expandsions named the black soulstone or w/e and the webname was taken kind of like the web promotion for diablo 3 pre-launch

  11. I honestly don’t care anymore.F…ck that loosers.more than 10 years development, more than 7 months after release and we still play some crap beta.Is that the best of new Blizzard ? Nice!

  12. Nothing is better than posting comments on incgamers, only to be read by incgamers comment posters. My sphere of influence and impact, possibly 200 neckbeards. Commenting in an endless downward spiral, in the endless Blizzard sucks, Blizzard rocks war. The only truth behind the spam is the profit Blizzard makes.

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