Primal Ancients to roll as Perfect Ancient Stats

Primal Ancients to roll as Perfect Ancient Stats

Blizzard has been taking onboard the Primal Ancient feedback and now have a plan in place for them to roll with perfect Ancient-level stats. A PTR update will put all this into action.

As we mentioned previously, getting your feedback on Primal Ancients has been super helpful. We’ve heard some really good points, and along with this, we’ll be making some changes to how these items work in an upcoming PTR patch.

Rather than increase the power they give you beyond Ancient items, Primal Ancients will now instead roll perfect Ancient-level stats tailored to the character class you’re playing when the item first drops. Rerolling any of these at the Mystic will also yield only perfect rolls.

Along with this, these items will be even more rare than they currently are, and will only begin dropping after a character on your account has completed Greater Rift 70 solo (with separate unlocks for Hardcore and normal characters).

Finally, we hear you on wanting Ancient and Primal Ancient items to salvage into something more valuable. With the upcoming PTR patch, Ancient items will salvage into 3 Forgotten Souls, and Primal Ancients will salvage into 15 Forgotten Souls (yay reforging \o/).

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback once you’ve had a chance to test these changes. Thanks again, and happy hunting.

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47 thoughts on “Primal Ancients to roll as Perfect Ancient Stats

  1. I really hope D4 dumps all the shit that D3 brought to the table, and we finally get a real Diablo-ARPG game for real Diablo Players. (We can keep the shared-stash from D3 lol…)

    I want D2’s complexity, character development, longevity, itemization, and one big random world, where “StoryMode” and “AdventureMode” are both in the same world. Optional Barter-Style-Trading, open world PVP with permanent opt-out system for noobs and pussies, PVP arenas (1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4) with leaderboards, Skill Trees, Talisman.

    No more catering to noobs, casuals and non-diablo players just because they whine and bitch all day.

    I want a real Diablo game, or gtfo.

      • I think they should have focused on Diablo 2 fans (or handful of “douches” as you put it), because Diablo 3 is the successor to Diablo 2. The main goal of Diablo 3 should have been to give all Diablo 2 fans an amazing sequel to Diablo 2. The goal should have been to make all Diablo 2 fans feel “at home” right off the bat, while adding new things to further build upon the epic base that Diablo 2 created.

        Casuals and newcomers to the franchise would never know if the features would be a continuation from D2 or not because they never played D2 so anything would appear “new” in their eyes. Blizzard failed to see that after 12 years it was exceptionally important to capture the magic of D2 to retain that huge fanbase and continue the legacy of D2, while adding new features and making everything bigger and better.

        Instead they scrapped absolutely everything that D2 established and thus alienated all D2 players, and these days the last remaining vocal players with a remaining passion for the Diablo franchise are called “A Handful of Douches” by noobs, trolls, and casuals like you.

      • Path of Exile is a hot tranny mess….Wolcen is gonna blow all current ARPG’s out of the water when it’s released.

        • It is way too early to be declaring “BEST GAME EVAR!!!1!”. Seeing as it is only in alpha, it is better to wait and see what happens with it rather than giving them tons of money for an incomplete project.

          • It’s not “way too early” for me to express my opinion. The graphics, skill wheel, spell effects, and combat are pretty damn amazing.

        • At least it’s not a hot white boy mess. Don’t get triggered by me doing the exact same thing you just did, now.

          • I don’t get triggered. People like YOU do, which is why you just replied like that. hahahah. Go play with your twatpenis.

        • It certainly looks shiny. I’ll have a look at it when it’s a bit more developed/complete. That was Umbra on Kickstarter wasn’t it?

      • I loved the “items are skills” style of itemization in PoE and I would love to see something like that implemented on diablo legendaries/uniques. customizing/leveling a legendary effect to some degree.

      • When he said real Diablo game I asume he means without all the flaws and errors and mistakes PoE has.

    • Lmaooo neckbeards get mad af. Sure seems to me that YOU’RE the one whining and bitching right now. In fact, all the whining and bitching has been people wanting Diablo 3 to be more than 2. Like you.

    • maybe … maybe you have valid points but that pvp shit has to go , PERMANENT !!!
      In games like this its all about coop and trading not some uber shitty dull gameplay that is only made for stupid fps crap.
      pvp does not make a game great or make it last longer !

      And you said for the real diablo players … so you are not a diablo fan , but i really knew that , the way you whine about nothing and want only things YOU want , what about other ppl , you are not alone on this world.Now you can come up with me and a bunch of other ppl … all copycats. For expl: i had a conversation on another forum with a so called D3 lover (hater) he did not even knew that Deckard Cain whas dead ! and that you could not get past lvl 70 in D3 ROS …

      I admit that you have some nice points and i really don’t care if they make it more hardcore.I really hope they make the servers like it is now , where you can play with (irl) friends only (like we do now or did in D2)so we don’t have to play with retarded ppl like you who only think about themselves or grieving other ppl bcoz they think they better then the rest.

      Oh and they have to bring AH back to !

      • Competition in general, not just PVP is an important aspect for any game. It is what drives many players. For example in D2 everyone saw the same items drop. If you were snoozing you missed out. But pay attention and when that HR or small charm drops, you get a rush of excitement as you rush to get it. You don’t always succeed and that’s just life.

        As far as PVP, no one forced you in D2. You could leave and join another game, or as you point out play private games since you only play with your “real life” friends.

        D3 missed that aspect of gameplay in a huge way and D4 needs to reincorporate competition in a more profound way that I RAN THE HIGHEST GRIFT EVVER!!!!

  2. Agreed, although the shared stash isn’t near big enough.

    Now for primals, they are closer.
    1. They don’t need perfect rolls, but they need to be able to be a bit better and drop out the crappy range. For example, CHD from 50-100 is a joke. On Ancients it should be 85-100. Primals should be 90-110. All affixes should be able to be higher than a normal legendary or ancient.
    2. Multiple affixes (all) should be available to reroll at an increasing cost. One soul for the first affix (one soul every time you roll it, it locks in that cost), 5 souls for the second affix (again, every single time you roll this affix it is 5 souls), then 10, 15, etc.

    • I agree that in D3 the stash space is too small. The main reason for this is because every class has a “Main-Stat”, so you have to farm up to 3 versions of one and the same item (Str/Dex/Int). To make matters worse, individual classes and builds have a various “Elements” hard-wired into them, so you have to also farm 2 or more versions with the correct “MainStat” AND correct “Element” of said item (cold/fire/light at least). This is just a clusterfuck itemization model. The Stash space in D3 is simply not matched properly with the SHIT-STORM itemization in D3. If D3 would have used D2’s itemization model and have D2 style barter-Trading, the stash space would be enough even for mentally retarded collectors with “Hoarder-Syndrome”.

      In D2, ALL stats (Str/Dex/Energy/Vit) boosted various sought after perks of ANY class and almost ANY build (Str unlocked heavy armors, Dex boosted dodge and block-chance on shields, Energy boosted ManaPool, and Vitality obviously gave you Life. Further, gear had “+To All Skills” which meant that ANY class and ANY build could use such an item and get more powerful. Also Skill-Trees allowed you to grow powerful even WITHOUT finding items with “+To All Skills” or “+To Specific Class Skill”. The Beauty of “+To Specific Skill” which was not tied to a specific “class” in some cases, allowed for really WACKO builds, because they granted skills from Class X to class Y. That was fucking awesome.

      If they repeat in D4 the same SHITSTORM Itemization and Affixes from D3, I wont even bother with D4. Also what’s up with the Fire/Light/Cold spell effects on melee classes? WTF?! In D3, its fucking hard to tell what class is casting spells, because every class has fire Cold and Lightning effects. WHAT THE FUCK? Casters should be very DISTINCT in gameplay and in the visual department. The same is the case for Barbarians, they should be dominating in the Physical realm, especially with “Visuals”. A Necro should be distinctly identifiable during multiplayer battles, by having distinct spells and colors associated with it. Obviously Sorceress should have the most variety of “colors” (Fire/Cold/Lightning). In D3 however, its almost impossible to tell what player cast what spell, its all just one huge clusterfuck of identical colors. There is absolutely NO distinct effects, colors, and class-behaviors. Every single class has some sort of “Fast Movement Spell”. For example in D2, the sorc had a specific signature spell called “Teleport” and that made the Sorc very unique. Sure, Enigma allowed this spell to be used by any class but building an Enigma was an absolute endgame perk and it took forever to get there. Also the Barb’s “Bo’s” were signature Barian. The Paladin had SIGNATURE auras etc. In D3 there is nothing distinct or “signature” about any class.

      Was D3 perfect? HELL NO, but it was awesome beyond words, and all they had to do is fix some issues and buff some classes that were underperforming. That’s it… they had the perfect itemization right in front of them.

      • I meant “Was D2 Perfect? Hell no…” 🙂

        It’s ironic that I typoed “D3”, because D3 is the worst Diablo game that ever saw the light of day. It might be a decent and polished action game, but it SURE AS HELL isn’t a real Diablo game.

      • D2 and perfect itemization? You made my day 😀 D3 went into right direction with RoS but needed to make few more steps, sadly they didn’t with following patches.
        I love D2, it’s my 2nd favorite game, but now we have 2017 and we deserve more then +1 to skill.

        I never beat Nightmare, it isn’t end-game what was the best thing about Diablo and that’s the biggest reason why I play less and less of D3, as it focuses more and more on end-game, while having fun mid-game when RoS launched (2.0/RoS PTR was one of the funniest time I had with D3 ever), now it does not, or I just had enough, you can’t play forever.

        • In D2, the whole journey from level 1 to 99 was “endgame” IMO. You needed to be level 20 to be able to do normal-ancients quest, level 40 for nightmare and level 60 for hell. Sure there was a glitch that allowed you to get into the next difficulty and skip that quest, but that glitch was only known and used by people that were playing D2 a lot. Also some gear you found even in normal difficulty, could have been end-game best-in-slot for a level 99 character.

          This was mostly because in D2, gear was much less important than it is in D3, and also because a lot of affixes on items were not influencing your damage but rather gave perks like Faster-Cast-Rate, Magic-Find, Faster-Hit-Recovery, Life/Mana-Leech etc. This meant that those affixes could be Godly and could drop at very low levels because they just influenced mechanics of the game but not your overall power. Those mechanics also were super-important even in late game, and thus those items were still Best-In-Slot even for a level 99 player. Examples: ChanceGuards, MageFist, NagelRing, RavenFrost, Stone-of-jordan, Spirit-Shield/Sword, insight, etc. All those items were obtainable in normal or nightmare difficulty.

          I really hope that in D4, at least 50% damage comes from something like skill-trees where we grow more powerful in terms of damage output when we level up. Gear should only deliver a potential remaining 50% of damage or less. Further, since most damage comes from our character level and our skill Tree choices, we could have much more interesting affixes on items. Affixes that alter or boost mechanical aspects of our characters, or even give mechanics from one class to another. Thats where funky builds and build diversity come into play. People decide themselves what build they like most, and whatever they choose to build, will become powerful. Gear only complements and fine-tunes our builds.

          In D3 every item has some combination of the following stats:

          -Health & Life%
          -Element (Cold/Light/Fire… which should be a signature trait of casters IMO)
          -Critical Hit Chance
          -Critical Hit Damage
          -Area Damage (Turning every class into an AOE class = poor game design)
          -All Resist
          -Attack Speed

          But D2 had much more diversified affixes. In D2 items could have affixes like the following:

          -Faster Cast Rate (influenced how fast you cast your spells)
          -Faster Attack Speed (influenced how fast a physical weapon attacks)
          -Magic Find (Very sought after affix for end-game PVM builds)
          -Faster Hit Recovery (influenced how fast your char recovered after being hit)
          -Gold Find (mainly used for Gold-Find builds, and also gold was used for gambling)
          -“+To all Skills” (boosted whatever build you were making, on whatever class you were playing)
          -“+To X Aura” (This gave you for example some Paladin aura – very sought after)
          -“+To X Skill” (This gave you some class specific skill which enabled wacko builds for fun)
          -“+To Specific Skill” (This could roll higher than +To All Skill-items and thus was often used for builds that used specific spells.)
          -“+To %Experience gained” (This boosted your XP gain)

          All those affixes, which are only a small sample of very distinct affixes, have mostly just boosted your class mechanics, but not your direct Damage output. Modified mechanics boosted your survive ability, and in some cases also your power, but very indirectly, because they did not boost your damage directly, but rather allowed you to cast certain powerful spells more frequently because you had more mana (Example: Insight Runeword).

          • It’s very strange how you insist gear wasn’t as important in D2 while talking about how important all the gear was.

          • I’m not gonna defend D3 affixes, except one type – leg affixes that change in big way how you play the game. That’s the biggest thing that D2 lacks. All I’m gonna say is that D2 itemization is outdated. Sorry, but having gazillion affixes makes mess, and hard for players to tell what’s going on and what item is best for them.
            But maybe I’ll try to defend D3 itemization a bit?
            Firstly, RoS made good base to build upon, but they never did with following patches, so I will agree that itemization in D3 is lackluster.
            Secondly, you forgot about +skill damage affix, which covers some you really want (not in the way you would like, I assume, but still).
            Thirdly (?), area damage is really a band-aid to make single target skills viable with adding splash to them, which may not be the best way to fix that, agreed.
            Fourthly (?), there are some class specific affixes (like +mana on crit) that are cool to have.

            All I want to say, is that we should leave game design from 2000 in 2000 and do something better. Hundreds of line of text that change 1% of some stat that you’re not even aware that exists (nor you care about) is lazy design. I’m tired of that “We have so much text, so much skills, we’re so complex” attitude. You can make complex system without all that mess, I understand that it is not an easy task, but we should expect the best to work on Diablo.

            I would agree that D2 didn’t had endgame, and I was fine with that, and that’s why I don’t like that D3 focuses more and more on it, locks best sets for endgame and basically forces you to play on max level in hunt of paragons (so not really on max level, right?), making leveling way too fast, taking away that journey.

          • @TenBed

            You’re missing my point.

            My point is that gear in D3 is “must have”, and without gear you deal zero damage. In D2 you can play entirely naked, sure it will be tough and you need skill but it can be done. In D3 you are nothing if you dont wear gear. Your level 70 character (homage to WOW?) and paragon 1000 character deals zero damage if you dont have a weapon equipped.

            Leveling up in D2 meant rise in power and defense, even if you didnt upgrade your gear through finding better gear. You grew more powerful because you leveled up your character. This is not true in D3 however, as your level means almost nothing. This is what I was getting at.

            The items and affixes I mentioned in regards to D2, only opened up “options” and they did not make or break your character like D3 does. In D2 you could do anything when you leveled your character up and you grew in power. The mentioned affixes only allowed you to do your tasks “better” or more comfortably and more efficient. My gripe in D3 is that gear means everything and there is no character development. It doesn’t matter how high I leveled my char in D3 because without gear the char still instantly dies and also deals no damage.

            In D3, sets and some key-items are must-have or you deal zero damage and suck, even when you are paragon 5000.

            To make matters worse, it doesnt matter if you find the best of the best gear, because you will never feel powerful, because there is no capped difficulty. We never get to feel powerful in the end-difficulty because there is no end-difficulty. It feels like we are research hamsters that never get the cheese at the end of the experiment.

            In D2 dedicated players could reach end-game difficulty and feel powerful. In D3, with endless difficulty only Bots are at the top and normal players can forget about ever feeling powerful. Paragon is a band-aid on a severed limb in D3, and the fact that it is uncapped is only making it worse.

    • Only Stash space is small? What about the limit to 10 or 12 chars depending on what version of the game you purchased?, c’mon. This is beyond stupidity.
      Oh but..”if we give you more….”…said the guy working for the multi-billion-dollar company..

  3. So within a month of this patch being out, top of the leader boards will be full primal ancients. They’ll be rage quitting left and right. This time however, they will have real reason to be unhappy because they will have truly finished the item find game and there will literally be no room for gear improvement after that. Those of us who don’t play 20 hours a day will be really pumped when we find a primal or two over the next 6 months, so meh, I’m happy with this change. Having primals be a new item tier with new stat ranges would have been pointless power creep, I think. Plus everyone would go into super obsessive mode about getting a primal ancient weapon.

  4. Considering I can’t even fathom completing a Rank 70 Greater rift, this will never apply to me x.x

  5. Why can’t you make them scrap down into a ton of yellow and blue mats, and deaths breaths? Don’t we all have WAY too many forgotten souls? Come on Blizzard. Don’t you guys actually even play the game?

  6. Well…yeah. If they don’t foresee the end of D3 with this idea, they really are clueless. What is there to play for after you are all geared out in Primal? You will never find a better item again.

    Maybe someone should get Blizz the Jump to Conclusions mat, might greatly help them with their business decisions.

  7. Greater Rift 70 to get a Primal Ancient? There won’t be a wizard who can complete this unless they’re P 1500. Not even with buffs to shields, toughness and recovery could this be done. Sometimes I wonder just how clueless Blizzard is.

  8. I like the change to the primals, however it still doesnt justify the rarity for an item that rolls perfect, and thats tailored to your character…spending the infinity amount of resources to get that item, you probly would have founded a normal ancient that is close to perfect for you. So how about an extra legendary power or powered up version of the legendary power already associated with that item. Example WOH gives explosive B 3 additional blast…a primal ancient will make me jiss my jean pants if it gave explosive B 4 additional blasts…Let me know what you think about this

  9. There should be rare items in any Diablo game, THERE SHOULD BE ITEMS YOU NEVER SEE. That’s how you reinforce and give importance to the core mechanic of the game, the item drop. Thats why you keep pushing onward s and kill everything in your path, for that next great drop,THAT IS DIABLO!.

    Primal Ancients need to be very rare, but they should also be BETTER than regular ancients.
    That means more powerful.

    When you water them down, you just destroy the loot table even mofo more than it already was.

    There is a REASON why high level runes in Diablo 2 were so valuable, not only because how rare they were, but also because of how powerful they were.

    You have to keep both the rarity and the power.

    You just cant water down the super rare items like that. Clearly a move to appease the whiners.
    There really is no interesting item hierarchy in Diablo 3, this move only cements that further.

    “Face Palm”…..

  10. Great. I’ll get perfect stats of +experience, +pickupradius and other useless crap. I do like guaranteed optimized items though.

  11. Tweak Primals any direction you want, the idea is always going to be bad. There was a guy over on Diablo Fans who came up with an awesome idea to make Primals have Rune like effects and I laughed my ass off because I knew instantly it’s waaaay too good an idea for Blizzard to even consider. In all the years of D3 vanilla and D3 RoS the only inspired and awesome idea to come out of this sorry sack of developers was Kanai’s Cube. And they instantly negated it’s existence with Grifts. You could equip all the legendary powers in the game and still not get past grift 60 because none of the legendary items give you the +10 billion percent damage buffs that just one 6 piece set does. Everything that comes out of this dev team is bland, mediocre and uninspired. I remember before the game launched one of the clowns was talking about how they wanted your grandmother to be able to play the game. Well I think they were dead serious, because this dev team seems to consider anything too awesome or complex to be “too engaging for the elderly” and water everything down to the point of “meh.”

  12. Who thought it was a good idea to force people to play the same builds in order to compete? I’d like to see the game promote a more open style of play and have all the gear balanced and returned to normal. No more nerfing all other sets and promoting one set each season so that we have a bunch of cookie-cutter style players. When you do this, you dictate how we must play, what we must wear and the skills we must use in order to compete on the leader boards. The WD-Firebats build is a good example. It’s a very busy and carpal tunnel syndromish style, but to compete you must use this. I’d like to be able to pick up any set I want to play that best matches my game play style and be able to compete on the leader boards without it being nerfed and without being forced to play one style. It’s just not as fun when you dictate the play style and skills we must use. I think more people would play when they can be more of an individual and not forced to look and play like everyone else. Boring!!

    • I agree, Not fan of assembly-line produced builds. I do like there to be some “right” and “wrong” answers as to how to build a character or kit them out and min-maxing is inevitable, but one dominant build seems to be against the spirit of the game. I think that the Legacy of nightmares solution, where you can make each ancient item you have basically part of an increasingly powerful set was a step in the right direction and it has yielded some cool builds, but I’d love for that to be pushed even further. Maybe make ancients have something like a legacy of nightmares property inherently and not restrict it to the rings?

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