Primal Ancient Changes are Coming

With Primal Ancients now on the Diablo 3 PTR, not everyone is happy about them. Blizzard is acknowledging all feedback on the subject and “significant” changes are coming.

Loving the amount of thoughtful and constructive discourse on this topic. We knew introducing Primal Ancients would be somewhat controversial, because they are meant to be very rare, and we appreciate the time and effort you all have taken to testing them thus far. We’re reading as many threads, watching as many videos, and listening to as many streams as possible to gather your thoughts and reflect on them.

There are definitely some good and valid concerns, and we are going to be making some significant design changes with Primal Ancients. These changes aren’t set in stone and have some technical hurdles behind them, so they won’t be making the next PTR patch, but a future one instead.

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  1. And now endgame builds will require primal ancients. *sigh* Just when you start to feel accomplished and powerful, they move the damn goal post.

  2. This Shit Got to Go!

  3. what baffles me is we already had this super rare item system back in the day with stuff like Shard of Hate etc. only that was way cooler cause it was actually a unique rare item, not better version of crap that already drops all over the place.

    this is one of the reasons this game has no longevity for me anymore. you get all the cool toys in a couple of evenings and then there’s nothing to look forward to.

  4. No item system can ever fix this game. D2 wasn’t endlessly replayable because it had such diverse items. Though that certainly helped. D2 is so damn addictive because there were so many damn builds you could play as. There were also so many different goals. Once you cleared Hell with a Summon Necro, you could either try a Bone Necro, a Poison Necro, a Dagger Necro, and so on, or move onto another class and have a thoroughly engaging experience all over again. With D3 you only have 2 options. A character to grift with in Single player (DH, Wiz, Crus) & a character to Grift with in multiplayer. (WD, Monk, Barb) That’s why the game is boring as hell. The devs only want you to play the game one way, and no matter how fun that one way might be for the first couple of hours, or days, or even a week, it’s eventually going to get as stale as a half eaten donut and there’s nothing else to replace it with. I think Lilith summed it up best in that text you find in game where she talks about her dad Mephisto being short sighted. Replace the name Mephisto with the word Devs, and the word victory with the word patch, and it sounds like she’s talking about D3. lol.

    • Another reason why D2 had a lot of replay value was because every new character you played had to start from scratch in terms of character level. The whole Journey from level 1 to 99 was “endgame”. Some items you found in normal and nightmare difficulty, were in some cases BIS-Items for endgame, even at level 99.

      In Diablo 2, leveling 1 to 99 was a huge journey, where as in D3 leveling 1 to 70 is perceived as a “chore”, because 100% of items you find during leveling are going to be insta-salvage. Leveling will also only take 2 to 3 hours from 1 to 70, at which point you start leveling your paragon. Paragaon however, is identical for every class and every build, so it added no customization and diversity at all. To make matters worse, paragon is account wide, so rolling a new character never really feels special and like a new “Journey” you are about to embark on. This clearly shows bad paradigms creeping in from WOW Developers and Designers into Diablo. But these two Genres are not identical, they have distinct differences and appeal do distinctly different player-mindsets. It’s the failure on Blizzard’s side which had almost zero knowledge left of what makes and ARPG and ARPG, after Blizzard North’s departure.

      Even Jay Wilson, the D3 Game Director, had no ARPG design knowledge. Jay Wilson only had RTS Design experience, and this meant that he was going to create a Diablo ARPG game out of his interpretation of what an ARPG “should be” in his Opinion, rather than following established standards of the genre. Jay Wilson disliked mechanics and paradigms in Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, so he simply cut those out or simplified them. What Diablo III really needed was a person that has developed an AAA-ARPG before (preferably D2), or at the very least was heavily involved in working on AAA-ARPGs from the same era as Diablo 2 at the very least. Jay wilson claimed that he played D2 a lot, but just playing a game does not mean you know what background mechanics and core-features make a Diablo Style ARPG, and this clearly shows in D3. Instead, he created a D3 based on his perception of what he liked and disliked in D2. So in terms of ARPG’s, Blizzard basically hired a random person with NO prior knowledge about ARPG-Design, to create D3. The result is scandalous, even if D3 is arguably not a bad game in terms of “Random Action Game with a distinct Franchise-Brand-Name on it”.

  5. Here’s the comparison I’ve been making for the difference in DII and DIII. In Diablo 2 you made a character, this character got a build and generally became unique for you. In Diablo 3 you make a class, this class can be any build you want at any time and really has nothing to make it unique for you. (Possible exception hardcore)

  6. Instead of Primal Ancients, why not make viable rare items, and scale back the drop rates of some legendary items? For non-seasonal they will still have the items, but moving forward having that ‘one’ legendary item might be a reward instead of finding the same item countless times hoping for a Primal roll.

  7. what a stupid change… i cant even get ancient stuff and now this…

  8. Blizzard have done some stupid things with this franchise .. This takes the cake tho. *goes back to playing xcom2 longwar*

  9. I can see the chat window now — “LF1 dps – high grs – MUST have primal weapon

  10. Again , high fuzz and crying over nothing … as it has always been
    sad , very sad …..

    • AND Again, you are here spewing your meaningless garbage opinion nobody cares about.

      • Believe me,many,many many of us care about other’s opinion. Only sick and blind fans like you dont.D3 is trash and no primal,uber,ultra,stellar ancients and necro packs cant change that.We need Diablo 4,Or at least D2 HD. You can play or beloved D3 as much as you want.

        • I play the wonderfull D3 almost every day and sometimes in chat we make fun and jokes about all you haters , its sooooooooo much fun :)))))
          D4 would not come in a looooooooong time with a nagging community like that and blizz should not do it imho , D3 is great / was great.(i still want AH back)
          Play poe shit instead , its the place where all the D3 haters and idiots dwell.
          or try the uber lagging and uninspiring D2 HD mod in starcraft II.
          If you like D2 that much , go play that game then and stop crying about nothing.
          Its not gonna go the way the haters / naggers / crybaies want and thats good.

          • So you got PK’ed alot in D2, got butthurt and are now blind to all of D3’s massive flaws because no one hurts your character in that game…

            Maybe you should have been a better player.

          • Lmao another dumb and blind tard.I’m not a hater,I have an opinion.But I think you are lunatic.Keep playing your wonderful and fantastic D3. We have better ideas for our free time.And I’m not cruying imbecile,but it seems your IQ isnt high enough to understand that. It’s funny to watch how many idiots are living on the planet these days:)))

        • You’re fighting the wrong person here, Thunderbane. I am anti D3, and VERY pro D2. And I am ready for D4. D3 is and has been a lost cost for many moons. Erg doesn’t think so because he’s a little child who has never even tried D2. So. Don’t back the wrong horse, here, pal.

          • i played D2 when you where only some white liquid dude :p
            i played 1000 of hours with my necros and barbs (SP or COOP bcoz thats what this game is all about , fuck pvp shit , we played private ofc)
            i did boss runs (sometimes with unknown ppl (ppl where friendly in that time)), i had some great gear to (loved the runes system)

            but i know that D2 is not the same as D3 and i can adapt to it (and love it)

          • I promise you, I am at LEAST 15 years older than you. At least. I was gaming on an Atari 2600 when you were still in your dad’s nuts and haven’t been dragged into this world yet. Every time you talk here, you show everyone how ignorant and immature you are. Shut. Up. For. The. Love. of. God.

          • @martymart , i don’t think so kiddie (i’m at least 15 years older then you , maybe not mentaly , lol :p)
            i gamed also on atari and even handhelds when i was in school
            i saw the birth of atari (for tv) , commodore , amiga 286,386,486 , pentium
            you name it
            i even programmed programs on the c64 to help me with school , so yeah ..
            i played donkey kong on a handheld , …
            i really don’t think your are older then me , i really don’t

            @thunderbane funny how i get called an idiot with low IQ just bcoz i have another opinion , say much on how a person you are
            and what with that free time ?? taking drugs , crying to mom and dad to give money for gaming … sorry dude i lmao here
            all the diablos are great just adapt and your life will be so much better 🙂 🙂
            you ragekiddies are jusr mad bcoz the game is not what you wanted , i really don’t mind , i love the series and think blizz is a great AAA gamemaker.

          • erg: God, just shut up. You literally have NOTHING constructive to say, and bring out the hate in people towards you.l

          • @martymart and you salt is constructive ??
            I simply do not agree with what you guy’s are saying , period !

            I don’t care if ppl are against me 🙂 , get in line , its the internet :p
            i have wonderful friends IRL who respect me for my opinions (sometimes i get hard on them to , all i say comes from my heart)
            its always the same with you ppl , … i’m the troll or the idiot or whatever for my opinion and when you guy’s can’t handle that you starting to get personally , it always has been this way 🙂

            i know i’m rude sometimes but thats how i am 🙂
            i play D3 and also D2(i have also D3 haters as friends)
            for me those are totally different games with there own pros and cons but i love the franchise and never gonna turn my back to it just like you guy’s do.

            I wonder if you guy’s gonna turn your back to your GF bcoz she do something wrong in your eye’s ?

  11. Blizz should just move onto d4 or switch up the items find to be more like d2. What next, parallel universe ancients?

  12. Damn this site community is toxic.

    • It’s just one or two people. And they bring it out in me. So I guess it’s three.

      • just bcoz they have another opinion :p
        you rage ,i rage , its circle 🙂
        and those 1-2 ppl are the real diablo lovers coz the rest here are haters to the bone (for nothing)

        • You are so good in predictions dude. We have Nostradamus here lmao.But let me tell you ,i’m also not a kid,couse I’m 39. I have my own life long time ago,and I dont cry to anybody for money.And last but not least I’ve never tried drugs in my life,couse i’m not typical white trash american. Do you enjoy my answer now?

          • Based on his typing skills and lack of proper grammar, I’d have to agree, his IQ probably isn’t very high or he is 15.

          • DEFINITELY 15. Maybe 13. Probably has a big brother sitting there by him to help him reply on here.

          • @Overweightandunderpaid is it ever come to your shitty head that there are ppl who are not native to english ?? at least i try and learn or adapt (what you whiners should do when it come to games)
            And the point that you must take this to the personal level say so much about you :p

            This fact alone proves that YOU are 13-15 bcoz you take other ppl to your own level when YOU can’t handle things 🙂
            and i’m not making this up , there are statistics and writings about that :ppppp
            But i’m sure you never heard about that in you perfect little head 🙂

          • @martysmart yeah its my imaginary friend :p

        • Your imaginary friends don’t even like you.

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