Game Daily has Too Human of Diablo III. There’s nothing new for anyone who’s been following the game thus far, though.

    Also, if you’re interested in another game that most of the reviewers lump into the Diablo III-wanna be category, check out Too Human for the Xbox 360.

    The Olympian:

    The character-building options are just deep enough, and while the game doles out rare items far too generously, the compulsion to uncover slightly better loot remains. If you understand that compulsion at all – or simply cannot for “Diablo III’s” arrival – “Human” is unquestionably worth at least a rental, if not more.


    It’s easily the best action RPG on the 360 and arguably the best on any of the modern consoles. If you’re looking for something to tide you over until Diablo III gets here, you could do a lot worse.

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