Preparing for Reaper of Souls Launch

Preparing for Reaper of Souls Launch

Looks like Josh Mosqueira has been working on his RSI, preparing for Monday’s Reaper of Souls launch party by taking part in a mass signing of a table full of Collector’s Editions. Each attendee of the party will be snagging themselves a free copy, but extra special because the devs have signed these ones.

Another piece of Reaper art is this point of sale stand currently enticing customers at the Wigan branch of Game. If you’re in the area pop in and see if you can get dibs on taking it after they’ve finished with it.  I’ve got quite a few using this method, especially effective if you try to look a bit pathetic when you ask for it.

If you see any displays in your local videogame shops or details of any launch events in your local area that others may wish to attend, let us know via email or in the comments here, but if you have photos perhaps best to email those.

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3 thoughts on “Preparing for Reaper of Souls Launch

  1. This is exciting. I wonder what kind of charges I’d rack in if I was able to steal the display RoS stand from my local Gamestop… that is if they can catch me…

  2. What’s the news with elemental effects. Did they change with patch 2.0.1 or are they going to change with ros? I thought they’re were working on making them have gameplay effects.

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