Predict the Diablo 3 Expansion Release Date

During the build up to Diablo 3 we had a huge and long-running forum thread offering fans a chance to predict the Diablo 3 release date. That thread ultimately saw over 700 posts, and DiabloIIIChris was correct! (Eventually.)

d3x-release-dateThe Diablo 3 Expansion hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we all know it’s coming, and thus the time was ripe for another Guess the Diablo 3 Expansion Release Date Thread. Log in and make your prediction; the winner(s) will score some nice prizes from our ever-growing goodie basket, though it’s obviously going to be a long time until we know the winner… or will it?

Current predictions are all over the place, ranging from early 2014 through late 2015. There are only ~20 guesses so far since the thread just went live, but the early leader is June 2014 with 5 predictions falling in that month. I don’t think any Blizzard game has ever been released that soon after it was first announced, and my prediction falls much later in 2014, but hey, the guessing is the whole point of the exercise. Have fun. Guesses by Blizzard employees are permitted; after all, it’s not like they know any firmer date than we do at this point.

  • Predict the Diablo 3 Expansion Release Date.

  • Update: To be clear, predictions must be posted in the forum thread (not comments to this post) to count as proper contest entries. Good luck!

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    11 thoughts on “Predict the Diablo 3 Expansion Release Date

    1. Most of the dates in the image are not Tuesdays; At least 4 of them are on weekends. Very bad guesses.

      My guess is October 7, 2014.

    2. My tip: September 9th, 2014 for a worldwide relase of course. And the beta will start next spring.

    3. well, i don’t think it will take very long really.

      wasn’t a bunch of titan devs moved to wow/d3 for time being? i think they have more manpower then usually. i’m gonna go optimistic and say first half of 2014.

      say, may 28th. 2014.

    4. March 13th, 2015.
      We all know blizzard takes too long to deliver a game after it has been announced, and we still don´t know if the XP will be announced at blizzcon.

    5. Just to be clear, to be included in the contest, votes must be posted in that forum thread. Not this news post.

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