Pre-Download Diablo III

With the release date coming up soon, fans are trying to get things done in advance, per Blizzard’s recommendations. If you’ve purchased the Diablo III digital download you get a link from your account, but if you haven’t bought that yet, or you’re waiting for a box copy, you’ll want to go ahead and download the game files to save time come launch night. We first posted all these links back in March, but as many people as I’ve seen asking about them today, a repost is in order.

Pre-Pay, Pre-Load, Pre-Wait!

PC versions.

  • DIABLO III Retail (US – English)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – English)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Italian)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – French)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – German)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Polish)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Spanish)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Latin America – Portuguese)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Latin America – Spanish)
  • Diablo III Retail (Singapore) (English client)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Korean)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Taiwan)
  • Mac Clients:

  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (enUS – America)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (Europe English)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (Singapore English)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (German)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (French)
  • All of these are just different versions of a small programs that you then run, in Adminstrator mode, to download the Diablo III installer. Which will pull the full 7.6gig file from the selected Blizzard server. You can’t install it yet, and you get the error message you see to the right if you try, but you will be able to once the server you’re connecting to is live, and you’ve got a valid CD-KEY and a Account with a BattleTag to tie the install files to. (See today’s preparation guide post for tech support and other issues with the launcher and install.)

    Update: Clarifying a few things from comments.

    If you have not already, uninstall the D3 beta. There is no way to upgrade the beta to the full game. They are entirely different clients.

    This download can be used with a box copy of D3 or D3CE, as it’s the same data as you’ll get on the DVD. Grabbing this now will save you much of the installation time from the DVD.

    You especially want to get this now if you’re doing a digital DL, since download times for the 7gig of data will be much slower come launch day.

    On May 14th Blizzard is unlocking the installer; at that point you will be able to fully install the game from the data here; you just can’t play until the servers go live that night at midnight.

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    59 thoughts on “Pre-Download Diablo III

    1. Quick helpful tip: In your US client link, change the first EU to US to download the file from the US servers =)

      and after typing this comment I now want boars head deli… thank you anti spam ad 

    2. who else clicked on the picture with the message D3 has not been released yet. When trying to leave the picture you hit the top right X about 5 times to realize you needed to hit the word close in the bottom right corner….

      • Good thing that I just press on the background next to the picture to close the windows^^

    3. So in the article it says you need a CD-KEY to install the game …? Does that mean that only digital downloaders can install the game upfront?

      • It’s slightly misleading. You can’t log in until you’ve added a CD-key to your account, but you CAN install the client from the download once it is unlocked on the 14th. 

        To avoid confusion, if you buy the digital version from Blizzard, you won’t get a CD-key as they add D3 to your account for you! 

    4. Purchased the digital version today.  Have a battle tag.  Have the 7.6 gig downloaded.  Ready to go!

    5. Wait so if I plan on getting a boxed copy on May 15, downloading this won’t save me any time because I can’t install it anyways?

      • I am not sure, but I think you can install the game without having a key. You need the key to log in.

        • But decrypting the predownload takes as long as installing didn’t it?

          • Maybe – but the downloader unlocks WAY before release (like 16 hours in the US)

      • Just as Row said, you can install the game w/o a key (as soon as Blizz uploads the installer on May 14th), but you will need the magic number to unlock access to the servers.

    6. Got a question,
      I’m in Europe but I want to play on the US Servers because no one outside the kingdom speaks English.
      Do I need to install the US game client or can I connect anywhere with the European/GB version?

      • though the auction house is region specific. you can only buy and sell stuff (using real money) in the auction house of your region.

    7. Update…Think I got it, either game client will allow global play.
      Just don’t want to read “Take the coloured lift to the top flat” or something crazy like that.

    8. So the Mac client for Europe is only available in English, French and German. Kina makes sense, with the austerity measures taking place in other European countries, and Macs being more expensive and all…

    9. Do i have to reload and install the client if i already installed the Client from the free-beta-weekend? would be thankful for a usefull answer 🙂 

      • The Beta client and the retail client are completely different, you need to download the retail client (or isntall from physical copy). Also, to avoid the launcher getting confused, uninstall the beta completely before installing retail. Not trolling, it has been discussed several times.

    10. the installer isnt coming up.. it used to but i tried earlier today and it just wouldnt come up.. i tried everything can someone help?

    11. So i can download this now, buy a box on may 15, install the downloaded version, type in the serial code and then play?
      Whats the difference between these files and the download blizzard will put up on may 14?
      Im a bit confused. 

      • If you download this now – you can install it before the game is released – and then when you get your box, you go to your account -> Add game -> enter the CD key there. This adds D3 to your account, and then you should be able to immediately log in and play!

      • The download Blizzard will put up on May 14th will decrypt the files you can now download, allowing the game to be installed.  So the primary reason to grab this file – and it is a very good reason – is to avoid potential bandwidth bottlenecks as the release date approaches.  The reason to grab the May 14th file before release is to make sure the game actually starts on your machine, and potentially troubleshoot that before the launch saps their support resources.
        Note, of course, that – being an online-only game – the March 14th install will not let you do much more than gawk at the pretty login screen until the game actually launches.
        Summary: Download the above small file, run it.  It will download an encrypted client to a folder you select.  May 14th, run the setup.exe in the folder where you downloaded said files; it will install the game.  May 15th, run the installed game, unlock it with a code from the box (or however digital downloads will unlock), and play!

    12. I’m waiting on my first EVER build to get here! It’s nerve racking!! I have to install windows….Fight through massive waves of updates…I’m not going to make it in time… AHHHH!!  😯

    13. I pre-ordered a digital copy, are they going to email us a CD-key? I don’t think I ever got one.

      • If you bought it through – they automatically added it to your account already. You don’t need to do anything else – there is no CD-key 🙂

        Just download the client, install it when it unlocks on the 14th and log in when your server region comes online! 

    14. Is this the exact some Client posted in March?
      So they didnt made any changes to the Client?
      No point in re-donwloading then, right?

      • – Yes
        – No changes that won’t be incorporated when you launch it (mine updated setup files when I ran it the other day)
        – Nope! 

    15. Quick Concise Recap for Everyone (put in the news as bullet list?)
      -> Now 
      * If you played the Beta, uninstall the Beta Game Client as it’s incompatible with Retail Game Client
      * Download Client Installer (above) [7.6 GB]
      * Create your BattleTag (required to play) from your BattleNet account )
      -> May 14th 8am PDT
      * Blizzard Unlocks the Installation Encrypted Files so you can install the Game (+ day 1 patch) on your PC and see if it runs, you will be blocked at the login screen.
      -> May 14th or later
      * Digital Copy – Nothing to do but wait for the servers of your region to open and play (Game Key already tied to your account when purchased)
      * Boxed Copy – Enter the Game Key from the box into your account Games area
      -> May 15th (When your region server opens)
      * Login and play D3
      * Note: You can’t play on another region server before your regional server is opened or that region server is opened (EU -> US for example). So if you are in the US and want to play on the EU servers, you can’t until your US servers open, that’s when they will open global play. So in the example above, your EU friends will be playing while you wait.

      • “* Note: You can’t play on another region server before your regional server is opened or that region server is opened (EU -> US for example). So if you are in the US and want to play on the EU servers, you can’t until your US servers open, that’s when they will open global play. So in the example above, your EU friends will be playing while you wait.”

        This is only true if your “home server” is the US one. You could be a US player who bought the digital copy from the EU, and set his home server to the EU, and could therefore start playing when the EU servers go live. However that’s not a designation you can change afterwards, and while you could later play on the US server via the global play option, you can only ever do RMAH on your home server.

    16. why bother downloading all of that when you can install much faster from the game disk? and how does this apply to the CE version anyway? won’t the disk include the bonus stuff, or are there gonna be codes for each item (wings, etc)?

      • I guess because the installer unlocks on the 14th, and it’s possible (hopefully not that likely :s) that people won’t receive their boxes till the 15th. 

        If SC2 is anything to go by, will recognise that you’ve put in a CE CD-key, and grant you all the extras that way. It shows up as a different license status or something like that, I can’t remember… 

        • Right, I don’t expect the CE box to arrive before the 15th for me (and I work!). I’ll be able to install and resolve any technical issues before the servers go live and I get my box to enter my Game code in the bnet account.
          CE items will given as items in your inventory when you create a character. The Game Server will know that you have a CE Game Key, there won’t be another code to enter anywhere.

    17. Downloaded in March when I saw the original news post.  Downloaded a second copy, on a different hard drive, after purchasing the digital download mid April.

      All I can say is, it was a lot easier getting the download in March.  The download was quicker and worked the first time.  Mid April, it was a lot slower and crashed on the first attempt, which meant I had to start over after 7 gig and re-download the 7.6 gig from the beginning.

      In other words, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you better get it now.  Download problems are only going to get worse as release day approaches.

    18. Downloaded it first in March, the very first few hours it was available to digitally purchase and download. Got the fire from the sky message, and never thought about it again, until I re-downloaded again a few weeks ago (the EU version this time around), only to get an error upon trying to install. Made it to the official forums only to learn that if you are NOT getting the fire from the sky message now, it means that your MPQ file is not completely downloaded (look for part 1, part 2 etc in your installation folder), and downloaded it for a third time this morning. 7.6 gigs, fire message is on.
      Just a heads up, for those who THINK they are ready. Would suck having to re-download at midnight next Monday.

    19. Hello everyone!

      Could you please tell me the difference between enUS and enGB clients? I will be playing in European region.

      Are there any language differences in these 2 client versions? Thanks =)

      • Armour vs. armor?

        I don’t know if that’s the case, but I presume the UK version would connect you to the EU as your home server, while the US version would connect you to the US server as your home. This is an important difference, as EU will go live 9 hours earlier, and you can only ever do RMAH on your home server — GAH on others via global play.

        • Can’t you change this setting in the options menu, though?
          I also am from Europe (Germany) and intend on playing in English (not really a choice in my opinion). But I would mind the British English (if it’s there at all), to be honest. So… what’s game?

          • Does anybody know this?
            I am in the same situation, I  downloaded the US client but I bought the digital download from the EU site. I imagine that the US will work fine and since my account is linked to EU address there should be no problem to to play with the US client when the European servers start working. To be safe though, I also downloaded the UK client.

    20. This is legit right? I aint trying to get my computer to meltdown a week from D3 Release lol

    21. Have a question. I have pre-orded Polish box version, but I would like to play the in English. I know that during installation, I can choose language for game to install, but can I pre-download DIABLO III Retail (EU – English) and after getting box, just enter the CD-KEY from Polish box version? 

      regards 🙂

    22. less then a week away ladies and gents. Downloading my client…muhahaha…and yes I believe it is. It is actually a blizzard downloader like with the other games.

    23. FYI to everyone, the download is also P2P based so that might help mitigate some of the download speed issues like EA’s crappy origin downloader.

    24. I have a question

      I’ll buy box copy not the digital version. Today my DVD rom got out of order. If I download the game  now I will not need to install the game from dvd right? I just need a cd key which I can get from buying box copy right?

      • yes u are right if im not mistaken. U will only need (as i would too) merge cd key with your  battlenet account. Add game i presume.

    25. I have a problem downloading the Installer-downloader (the 6,99 MB file), everytime it stucks circa on 50 %. Anyone encountered this ?

    26. Will there be a problem if i just use the installer in the boxed / hardcopy and not this linked installer?

    27. so i signed up for the wow yearly pass thing and it said you get diablo 3 free with it.. it says i have an account linked to diablo 3 when i log onto my account will i get a key or do i not need one ? 

    28. Does it matter which client i download? i thought the key for Battle.Net should decide which lanagues you could play and region and client shouldn’t matter.
      i.e – What’s the different between Singapore English, British English and US English client?

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