With the release date coming up soon, fans are trying to get things done in advance, per Blizzard’s recommendations. If you’ve purchased the Diablo III digital download you get a link from your Battle.net account, but if you haven’t bought that yet, or you’re waiting for a box copy, you’ll want to go ahead and download the game files to save time come launch night. We first posted all these links back in March, but as many people as I’ve seen asking about them today, a repost is in order.

    Pre-Pay, Pre-Load, Pre-Wait!

    PC versions.

  • DIABLO III Retail (US – English)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – English)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Italian)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – French)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – German)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Polish)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Spanish)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Latin America – Portuguese)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Latin America – Spanish)
  • Diablo III Retail (Singapore) (English client)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Korean)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Taiwan)
  • Mac Clients:

  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (enUS – America)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (Europe English)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (Singapore English)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (German)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (French)
  • All of these are just different versions of a small programs that you then run, in Adminstrator mode, to download the Diablo III installer. Which will pull the full 7.6gig file from the selected Blizzard server. You can’t install it yet, and you get the error message you see to the right if you try, but you will be able to once the server you’re connecting to is live, and you’ve got a valid CD-KEY and a Battle.net Account with a BattleTag to tie the install files to. (See today’s preparation guide post for tech support and other issues with the launcher and install.)

    Update: Clarifying a few things from comments.

    If you have not already, uninstall the D3 beta. There is no way to upgrade the beta to the full game. They are entirely different clients.

    This download can be used with a box copy of D3 or D3CE, as it’s the same data as you’ll get on the DVD. Grabbing this now will save you much of the installation time from the DVD.

    You especially want to get this now if you’re doing a digital DL, since download times for the 7gig of data will be much slower come launch day.

    On May 14th Blizzard is unlocking the installer; at that point you will be able to fully install the game from the data here; you just can’t play until the servers go live that night at midnight.

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