Power Leveling: Level 70… Gone in Sixty Seconds

If you’re lucky enough to find the Cow Rift, there’s a cow-version of the Jar of Souls right at the start which grants unbelievable exp bonuses. I got my first Cow Rift last weekend and in a three person T6 game it took me from around P201 to P205 in 60 seconds. (The rest of the 10 level Cow Rift is an exp mine as well, with a pool of DiabloWikiyellow water right at the start of almost every floor.)

What do you suppose would happen with a level 1 character starting off in a T6 cow rift, though? Could you hit level 70 in record time? Power Leveling: Level 70… Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Now you just need to find the Cow Rift in a Greater Rift and get three friends to carry you, and great success can be yours!

Cow Rift Jar of Souls.

Cow Rift Jar of Souls.

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  1. Just pointing this out, since it’ll be on the top, those of you who are playing on the ps3 or 360 can run this rift indefinitely. The ps3/360 will only load 5 or so maps until it resets them. This rift is about 8 or 9 levels. Go through it, top to bottom and use the oblesik that takes you back to town, don’t talk to the rift dude, just re-enter the rift. Rinse n repeat.

  2. I have found this particular rift tile 5 times in the new season, don’t know if that’s unusually many but I definitely noticed it being an exp fest:). It was always 10 levels and great fun. But I think this rift have been made more common since I only found it once before seasons, thus completing the achievement for finding all the rift guardians before they removed lord of bells:). That said, season 3 have been awful, as far as drops, for me. Still waiting for specific items to make my DH build easier:(! Kadala hates me …

  3. An online friend asked me to level him up. He then was in a party with teo other people which I joined on T6 but, since he couldn’t stand still, he died twice, the other two party members got upset and the futility of it all and left.
    He then created a third char running with me on T6 but he died again.

    Then on the fourth run, we entered a rift and (we had done one full a1 bounty previously) I didn’t notice I was killing cows till I got to the Ghost of the Cow King section.
    Stupidly enough, he teleported on me just as I had clicked the GotCK. I told him to back off behind the closed gates but …
    Standing in a corner I tried my best to keep any cows getting to him but alas, he died again at level 54. …

    This was my second cow level.
    I like it!

  4. I still have not found the Cow Level…

  5. Haven’t found it yet but… *tinfoil hat time* Flux has been complaining it was a myth on the podcast. Which Wyatt admits he listens to and then… Cow rifts for the masses!

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