A ton of news today, so quick bullet points time.

    [*]The Guardian UK has posted a nice interview with Diablo III’s Lead World Designer Leonard Boyarsky. So does 1up.com.
    [*]Thanks to the D3 publicity, D2 has returned to the Amazon.com PC game sales charts, 7 years after it was released. And it’s not just on the charts… it’s #1!
    [*]The Inquirer has posted a retraction of yesterday’s news in which they claimed that Blizzard was making an effort to not support nVidia with D3.
    [*]Fallout 3 producer Ashley Cheng is less than impressed with what he’s seen of Diablo III, and calls Blizzard’s approach “on the conservative since in terms of design.”
    [*]Diablo III lead producer Keith Lee is busy playing down comparisons between Too Human and Diablo III.
    [*]Gamespy has some coverage of the final Diablo III panel from the WWI, on the Denizens of Diablo.
    [*]CustomPC has some news about the updated Havok physics engine that’s being used in Diablo III.

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