Blizzcon has concluded, and while there’s a ton of news yet to come as we type up more of our experiences, site readers who were at the show share their observations, and various media entities file their interviews, it seems a pretty good time was had by all.  I certainly enjoyed my 4 or 5 hours of play time, in the PvM build and the Arena, and will be posting more detailed write ups of everything in the days to come.

    We’ll also see more first hand reports from other show attendees, since I know that a lot of our readers were at the event. All first hand reports are welcome; you can post them in the main Diablo III forum, or PM or them to me and I’ll post them in the news. Go into as much detail as you like; the vast majority of our readers have not yet played D3, and first hand reports are always welcome. Facts and figures are great, but focus on your personal opinions; what did you like or not like, how did it compare to your expectations or to D2, etc. Check out the What do you want to know thread for more specific suggestions for topics you might cover.

    Our live chat ran during the entire show, and had more than 4000 visitors and many thousands of messages posted. Thanks to the volunteer mods, Jimothy, Frank the Tank, Friskdingo, Adee, Wolfpaq777, Apocalypse, HolyKnight3000, and anyone else I’m forgetting, plus all of the other regulars who filled in as temporary mods. I was usually on the show floor or working on article write ups, and Elly and Rush were keeping things running behind the scenes, so we couldn’t take part in much of the chat, but the volunteers and thousands of visitors kept things popping along in lively fashion.

    You can read the whole transcript now—I and a few others from the show made cameos with first hand info—and we’ll be running another chat later this week, at which various show attendees will answer your questions.

    Also big thanks to HolyKnight, Apocalypse, Adee, and Wolfpaq for filling in on the news posting. That helped a lot with our regular staff busy with other Blizzcon stuff, and I hope you readers appreciated all the quick updates and constant news coverage. We’ll be adding a ton more news in the days to come, as we catch up on all the other interviews and features posted around the web. Quite a few of them are already linked from our Blizzcon News Spotter thread, and if you’ve got something we haven’t posted yet, feel free to add it there.

    Another thanks to everyone who has been updating the Diablo III Wiki pages. We’ve seen hundreds of article edits in just the last couple of days, as DxAxxxTyriel, Adree, TheWanderer, Elly, and several others. Anyone who followed the Blizzcon news is more than welcome to help out; there are countless pages to update with the new info.

    The utility of a wiki is that everyone helps out and it gets done very quickly. You don’t have to put up a huge detailed article to be of assistance; just do what you can. Even if you’re only providing the skeleton of a page for others to flesh out afterwards.

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