As we continue to scour the interwebs for good D3 and Blizzcon stuffs, here’s today’s big list of post-Blizzcon goodies. Check Sunday‘s and Monday‘s installments for dozens more links to articles, hands on play reports, interviews, and more. As with the previous two installments, the following links are in roughly descending order of “must see.”

    • Slashdot has posted a big article that includes an interview with D3 Lead World Designer DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky. In this one Leonard talks about the game controls, D3 integration with B.net 2.0, their planned (non) support for modding in D3, and more.
    • If you’ve not already viewed them, check out the new Borderlands area and Monk character pages on the official site. They’re chock full of cool lore, one new piece of concept art (thumbed above) and the Monk page has 5 skill videos, though you’ve already seen them if you watched the giant Blizzcon B-Roll gameplay footage. (That gameplay, and the Monk’s semi-cinematic intro movies can be DL’ed in good quality sizes from Blizzard.)
    • PC Games Hardware has posted a fairly short, tech-centered hands-on report of their Blizzcon D3 demo experience.
    • Kotaku posted an entry referencing the Rainbows and Unicorns t-shirts the D3 team wore last year. None of those shirts, or any other unified theme for new shirts was on display this year. And aside from one short-lived unofficial version of the shirt, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see them on sale again, except perhaps on ebay, via some disgruntled ex-Blizzard employee.
    • ShackNews has an interview with the guy leading the push for new features for Battle.net 2.0, DiabloWikiGreg Canessa. Greg was the former head of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade division, which should give you some idea of the direction Blizzard wants to take things with their online service.

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