Since our live chat during Blizzcon was such a success, we’re going to do what we did last year after the show and host a pair of shorter, more focused post Blizzcon chats. Got queries about Blizzcon, the PvM or PvP demos, or just want to share in the experience? Tomorrow’s your chance to get answers from show attendees with their invaluable hands-on D3 experience.

    The chats are being held 6 hours apart, to give everyone around the world a chance to make it to one or both of them.

    • The first chat is at noon PDT. That’s 3pm US East coast, 8pm UK, 9pm Central Europe, and early Saturday morning Asia/Oz/NZ.
    • The second chat starts 6 hours after the first one. That’s 6pm PDT, 9pm US East Coast, 2am Saturday morning UK, 3am Saturday morning Central EU, and noonish Asia/Oz/NZ.

    All Blizzcon attendees are invited! If you were at the show and played the D3 demo and want to answer some fan questions about it, drop me or a forum PM and I’ll set you up as a panelist for one or both events. Bring your typing fingers and a short attention span, since things move pretty quickly in our chats with hundreds of attendees and a blizzard of questions. They’re a lot of fun.

    The reminders for each chat are below. Enter your email and it will send you a reminder before the event. News posts for each chat will appear on this main page tomorrow, 15 minutes before each chat begins. See you there!






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