Our newest site contributor, MedievalDragon, ran a six-hour marathon chat session on his site, BlizzPlanet, just after his return from BlizzCon. If you missed the chat, you can read the whole thing in the news post. The chat covers Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft, and most of the questions/comments were about lore and the novel series and such, so if you only care about Diablo 3 info your interest in it may wane.

    If you want more D3-themed chat transcripts, we posted all that our site staff participated in (we kept busy from the press room) in this thread, in 8 huge blocks. (We had a couple of laptops logged on through Rushster’s account, which is why he seems to be answering every question, and sometimes carrying on two conversations at once.) You can also see my answers to 30 D3 questions in this post.

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