Our second post-Blizzcon chat went off fairly well and fun was had by all. There were more mods and fewer attendees, so the vibe was more relaxed and conversational, compared to the non-stop machine gun question pace of the first chat. Click through to read the full transcript, and we may, as many attendees requested, organize these chats more regularly, going forward. Where else can you discuss Diablo III with several hundred like-minded strangers? Thanks to all who attended for the good questions, and thanks to Apoc and HK and the other mods who helped out.

    This chat will go live at 6pm PDT, Friday October 29th. That’s 2am Saturday morning GMT, 3am Saturday morning in Central Europe, and noonish Saturday in Asia and Oz/NZ.

    Ask your questions about Blizzcon, the new Diablo III info, and other related issues. The chat will run for approximately 90 minutes.

    This chat is moderated. All comments are seen by the panelists. Reader comments will be approved and answered, making them visible to all attendees. CiL chats can become slightly laggy, and we always have a huge number of questions coming in. If your comment hasn’t been posted yet, please have some patience.

    Post Blizzcon Chat #2

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