D3 Merch @ Blizzcon 2013.

    D3 Merch @ Blizzcon 2013.

    The remainder of the special merch created for Blizzcon is now on sale via the Blizzard store. There’s a wide assortment of products branded with all the Blizzard games, including Diablo 3, so browse and see what catches your fancy. (Pic to the right I took at the show.)

    Currently there are 13 Diablo-themed items available, including dolls, skateboard decks, backpacks, the Diablo 3 poker set, papercraft Diablos, t-shirts, and more. They had the skateboard decks on display at the show and they looked really cool; I’d have loved one of those when I was like, 17 and a dirty little skate rat. Not surprisingly; the skull and demon style Diablo artwork is pretty reminiscent of the stuff I craved on Powell Peralta decks back in the day.

    Grab something if you want it and realize that items might run out; a friend of mine was in line for Diablo 3 hoodies at the show but by the time she got to the front all were sold out, so she settled for a Reaper of Souls backpack.

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