Possible Diablo News this week?

Looks like Nevalistis has dropped us a short hint while replying to a player about the Invoker set and the fact that there will be some good Diablo news this week.

Afaik it drops only for Crusader now.

This is correct.

Aren’t they going to give it some buffs in an upcoming patch/season?

And this is correct. The Invoker set is slated for adjustments in our next patch. And somehow… I think this’ll be a good week for news. 😉

What could this news be I wonder. Could it be just 2.4 news, other various updates? Expansion hints, or maybe an actual response to the community letter about botting? Who knows what it could be. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hopefully expansion (thought I won’t hold my breath). The D3 representation at blizzcon is pretty disappointing 🙁

  2. And another nickel in the “hope” jukebox…

  3. Gonna have to be pretty serious announcing to pull my interest away from fallout4’s release next week.

  4. Expansion or NOTHING! I don’t care about anything else. I want a new class and act.

    • fuck pvp !!! if you want that shit , go play some of those super idiotic fps shit games , leave this piece of garbage gameplay out of this wonderfull game.

      PVE all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m going to go completely off the reservation and guess either Diablo 4 announced, or a new, open world style RPG set in the Diablo universe.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll slink away into the darkness and none will be the wiser.

  6. They pissed off a lot of people so I think they gonna put a lot of new content for next Season. Lot of things which been previously in development as expansion – new areas (Skovos maybe), new type of Rift (new way to play it not new area) and maybe even free stash space or new class (ok, maybe not that much). I guess that would be normal since they developing new Diablo from scratch – they don`t care what was left behind and can give it away – as part of the attraction for Season.

  7. Don’t get your hopes up. What the Blues think is good and/or big news is not what we generally think of as big news.

    • That’s an understatement :p . My guess i will be about the botting letter and some info for 2.4

    • So you`ve predicted all what they gave you for free after you paid for regular content ?

      • @Skaut

        Yes. I’m 110% psychic.

        On a more serious note, I’m not sure how you managed to get feelings of discontent regarding free content from my post. I like the free stuff given out so far. I’d definitely be interested in a paid XPac. There is however a big difference between a Blue saying stuff like: “I think this’ll be a good week for news.” and the immediate thoughts of the fans being XPac 2, PvP and D4. The Blues feel that a new goblin or some changed legendaries are big news, but the fans feel that it doesn’t register as BIG news.

    • New type of goblin .. or maybe they’ll move a vendor in town ! #hypetrain!

  8. They don’t care that they pissed off most of their fan base this season and with the pitiful Blizzcon representation. Anything that comes within the next year will have already been planned in advance. If it happens to please people then it will be purely by accident.

  9. i predict patch news and a possible start date for the PTR.

    nothing more than reworked sets that need attention and the new seasonal items for season 5. And it will come in preview form so I wouldn’t expect them to give news on all sets/items. Just a couple teasers.

  10. D3X2 scrapped, and DLC’s incoming instread? I mean read the panel description: “New zones, new sets and legendary powers, new monsters, new features, and more”. This can’t all be for free, or?

    • All those crying kids in here can`t comprehend that this is one of the best supported games of all times and Blizzard deserved our money to support theirs business. If they ask me to pay for extra content for the game I am playing for hours each day – I`ll pay without even looking at the price tag.
      I`m with you on it nobbie – I also think that it will be the case at this Blizzcon but I really believe that it all comes free of charge. Bam.

  11. I dont care about sets new exp or waht ever dudes want fix the the games first and solve all the differnt problems there everytime they come up with something news the game crash lost connection ect ect and if they want a monthly fee I think a lot will leave D3 75 % play only a few hours a day and yes maybe some one will play many hours a day but then there must be different monthly fees

  12. Trolls. Blizzard is just trolling us. The Big news they’ll announce is that Glenn is dead.

  13. at this point there is little incentive to keep “pilling it on” with more new items (esp sets) as many people already ran out of space to keep all the crap.

    i had to FS all my Invoker parts to make space 2 seasons back. now i have to farm Invoker all over again AND find space to stash my other Crusader stuff?


  14. Activision purchased king so the news is the possibility to earn candy crush bonus in Diablo 3!

  15. More of the same and PLZ no pvp shit whatsoevah AND bring back AH !!!!!

  16. “See what’s on the way in Diablo III’s next patch! Join us as Lead Designer Kevin Martens, Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng, Senior Game Designer Joe Shely, and Senior Level Designer Matthew Berger reveal the exciting changes that await nephalem in our next patch!”

    “A first look at upcoming feature content, including updated sets, new Legendary items, and more.”

    Apparently when the blog went up from Blizzard the first time it made reference to “Set Dungeons” and “Stash Space” but that could just be trolling. The cached version of the page on Google is older than the live version but not old enough to see.

  17. Please please please no AH! It will ruin the game! Farm your gear like everyone else!

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