A poster on the Battle.Net forums, not overly impressed will the variety of DiabloWikishrines in Diablo III, reflected on the huge variety of shrines in Diablo I and Diablo II, and suggested some rework was needed and this seems to be something Blizzard have already been considering.

    We actually talked about introducing additional Shrine types in the future during a meeting we had earlier today. We’re also currently discussing the possibility of adding the Enlightenment Shrine into Inferno mode since the +XP bonus would be particularly appealing to players working towards their Paragon levels.

    Good news on the Enlightenment Shrine for the Paragon levels – hopefully that one will roll out with a patch rather than wait for when they introduce new shrines in an xpack.

    Some of the shrines that were suggested:

    • Regeneration Shrine: Your character regenerates x amount of resource per second.
    • Quick Shrine: Your character gains 25% movement speed.
    • Deadly Shrine: Your character does 25% more damage.
    • Summoning Shrine (Similar to Diablo II’s Monster Shrine): Summons a champion or elite pack at your location.
    • Healthy Shrine: Your character regenerates x life per second.
    • Toxic Shrine: Your character emites a cloud of poison around themselves.
    • Chilling Shrine: Your character emits a frost nova every x seconds.
    • Fiery Shrine: Your character leaves fire in their wake.
    • Shocking Shrine: Your character shocks all nearby enemies every second.
    • Static Shrine: Your character gains +50 gold pickup radius.
    • Gem Shrine: The shrine drops a gem ranging from chipped (common) to radiant star (extremely, uberly rare).
    • Powerful Shrine: Your character becomes temporarily invulnerable.
    • Wealthy Shrine: Drops mass gold.
    • Lucky Shrine: Drops x amount of items, base rarity being magic.
    • (These previous two would replace the fortune shrine, which should be removed.)
    • Dexterous Shrine: Your character temporarily gains 1000 dexterity.
    • Strong Shrine: Your character temporarily gains 1000 strength.
    • Intelligent Shrine: Your character temporarily gains 1000 intelligence.
    • Vital Shrine: Your character temporarily gains 1000 vitality.
    • Enigmatic Shrine: Increases a random stat by 200% and reduces the rest by 75%.
    • Durable Shrine: Repairs all items for free.
    • Greedy Shrine: Summons a Treasure Goblin at your location.
    • Colorful Shrine: Drops 6 dyes of the same color.
    • Knowledgeable Shrine: Drops x amount of artisan crafting page/tome depending on your level, with a small chance of dropping a recipe ranging from a 4 property item to legendary item to jewelcrafter recipe.

    I particularly like the Durable shrine idea, just from my lazyarse point of view.

    Click through for some Jay Wilson quotes about shrines from during Diablo III’s development. Safe to say the final game version didn’t come anywhere near their development plans:

    There are a couple of good Jay Wilson interview quotes about DiabloWikishrines in the DiabloWiki, with basically the same content in both. Here’s the longer one, from a BlizzCast in April 2009.

    Will shrines be making a return to the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 3?
    Jay Wilson: Well there are some aspects of shrines that we liked, experience shrines I think are probably the prime example everyone uses. They’re fun because they drive the player forward. Monster shrines are sometimes fun because they bring out a rare that you didn’t know or weren’t expecting that could come from any direction and that’s cool.

    But for the most part, the pure mechanic of shrines, a random powerup that just appears in the world for no reason, we don’t really want to literally bring that back. What we are going to try to do is integrate a lot of the best things of shrines into our quest and event systems so that when you encounter a random quest or random event that has a story context within the game it either rewards you like a shrine would reward you or something that is actually built into the gameplay of the quest. So while technically no shrines are not coming back verbatim, we are trying to bring back kind of the best things of them in a different form.

    So you’ll still have the randomness and spontaneity of it.
    Jay Wilson: Exactly, and really they are kind of there to change up the gameplay and add a little factor of randomness, but we felt that very few of the shrines actually did that – accomplish that goal…

    Stamina shrine?
    Jay Wilson: Yeah, stamina shrine lets you run a long time. Skill shrine made you a little bit more powerful. We feel like we can take the best and put them within actual events that are a lot more fun and have a lot more gameplay to them.

    The concept of in-game activities earning you the equivalent of shrine bonuses; like you’d get a short term bonus to Magic Find or attack speed as an event reward… that’s pretty cool. Pity nothing like that survived the development process. Perhaps the developers put their magic beans all into that pile, and when it didn’t play out they had nothing left for shrines, so the just slapped in 4 very generic ones as placeholders and planned to improve upon them once they had time, post-release?

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