Positive Feedback Creates a Better Game?

A thread that read like a flashback to the contentious D3v (when there was so much to hate!) days popped up on B.net and got some Blue lecturing, and it’s worth a look. Positive Feedback Creates a Better Game:


smiley-face-wallpaper-014Horrible to see a game that was fun, .interesting and very addictive to play come such a long way..ive been PROUD SUPPORTER of the diablo series since the mid 90s….most of you out here now weren’t even born yet….For all the complaints to blizzard is just a waste of your time…They will not modify this game just for you and you and you…so stop the complaining everyday…they will pick and choose what to work on regardless of your efforts…TRY this…posting positive comments about this game on how at 1 time was very enjoyable to play..i found myself playing less.. (yes) cause this game is turning into a whine fest…..haven’t any of you learned anything by now….THE MORE YOUR CRY AND COMPLAIN the less they will do to fix it…with all the posts threads and comments if you were blizzard would you listen NO you wouldn’t.. try to make your posts more positive and we stand a better chance for them to be more open and what needs attention..

SIDENOTE.. for those that are going to post here in a negative manner you are the primary example on why this game is the way it is..i don’t care if you have 1 post or 15,000 posts on your acct here..if you don’t like what im saying good truth hurts….be more supportive to blizzard and they might actually try harder to make the game more enjoyable to play for all not just 1 player..im hangin in there a little while longer and hoping blizz will make some decent changes in this great game in the near future….
Tyvalir: While there are some civil replies here, I’m seeing a lot of name calling in this thread, so I’ll be locking it up. I do want to touch on what constitutes good or bad feedback though, since I’m seeing a lot of confusion around the idea.

Just so everyone’s on the same page, it’s totally fine to share your feedback about the game, whether positive or negative. We just ask that you do so respectfully and constructively. To that end, we also ask that you avoid harassment, trolling, spamming, and derogatory remarks, which harms rather than helps the community.

If you’re unsure whether one of your posts is constructive, ask yourself before posting: am I criticizing a person here, or an idea? If the answer is the former, you’ll want to rewrite your post to focus on the issue at hand. That way your thread won’t be as likely to get locked or moderated, and you can avoid having your account actioned.

Finally, if you see a post that appears to be violating the Terms of Service (or simply acting in bad faith to tear down the community), you should avoid responding to the conversation and instead report the post using the “thumbs down” arrow at the upper right of the original post, and selecting the “Report” option so that a moderator can address it. We look over all the threads that are reported, so if you don’t report something, I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to assist. Thanks!

The OP was downvoted into “click to read this post” oblivion, so even the typical Battle.net reader thought he was intemperate and pointless. Or perhaps the OP is correct, and B.net is entirely infested with haters who downvote anyone who says not to hate?

So dark. Much tortured.

So dark. Much tortured.

At any rate, it’s ironic that an entire post that boils down to “use a nicer tone when you critique game issues,” was worded so angrily/incoherently that the OP was downvoted to invisible and the thread was locked.

That said, I think the OP’s comments are useless, for two reasons: 1) Other posters aren’t going to stop being mean just because you ask, but mostly 2) the Blizzard/D3 devs aren’t children who take their ball and go home when players write mean things. They read criticism and evaluate fan feedback, as part of their effort to improve and expand the game as they think best. Maybe they’re happier to work on a new feature when players say the early draft is awesome, but they’re not emo junior high students who pout and act self destructive when someone says something mean.

If you want evidence of that, look at Reaper of Souls and all the improvements and fixes made in patches before and after RoS’ release, all by Josh Mosqueira’s team in the face of withering “Disappointed!” criticism from most D3v players. Blizzard’s spoken about that often, most recently and completely in Josh’s GDC 2015 presentation.

See our news post for a full transcript and screens of Josh’s talk. Video below.

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  1. Getting tired of all those b.net threads that tell me how to act and what to say from random community members. If I want to whine, I want to whine damn it because I’m getting bored of the RNG items required to play grind.

    “THE MORE YOUR CRY AND COMPLAIN the less they will do to fix it”. On the contrary, didn’t it take a shit load of both positive and negative posts just to get blood shards cap raised etc? I’m sure there are some better examples lurking around.

    I been wishing for more customising and build changing skills than relying on items for a long time. Plus where are those monster finishing animations back in the 2008 demo. Maybe they’ll listen to others with similar thoughts on the direction D3 should go and then that share of voice gets louder until Blizz comes along and says, “we listened and we d…well, MOO! I’m going off on an angry rant again lol.

    • Why would you want the fatality animations? Most of this game is spent getting 1 shot over & over again, waiting to revive, & then getting 1 shot again. Would you really want to add in a unique animation to the down time also?

  2. i sometimes labor under the misapprehension that if we take a poll or say yay or nay to something here on incgamers, blizzard listens to us because we’re better than the people on b.net.

  3. RoS is no LoD. It fixed a few issues with the core game, but it didn’t elevate it out of the stinker. The game is still in shambles and virtually unplayable. What are some things I remember fondly about D2? The story & visiting the different acts. Planning my builds around quest rewards & hungering for skill points. Finding my first tarn helm, and putting together a Sigon’s set. Rushing into Nightmare to do Den of The Fallen and get that skill point from Akara, then farming Baal back in Normal for a week. Putting together my Tal Rasha set, & beating normal Diablo with my Necro finally…

    As for D3? I’d honestly like to hear people’s fond memories of this game, because I honestly have none. I guess the closest I had was back before RoS was released, and I was partying with some friends (who quit long ago) & we were farming Decaying Crypt on MP10 to get as many of our characters to Paragon 100 as we could before RoS launched. Then RoS made Paragon level largely meaningless.

  4. I love this game. Like many others I’ve played it since the mid ninety’s and put up with lots of stuff I didn’t like –(the real money auction house)- and also with things I do like-(art work from Holly & others, music and believe it or not the RNG in the game)-. Also the blue post from Flux and others are mature and speak to the real in game issues which I appreciate. Also the forums are a great place to learn and while I don’t quite get the math at time most of the replies are very helpful. Like I said I love this game.

  5. Thanks for linking the GDC 2015 talk!

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