Portrait Studies of all Five Classes

These five images were shown in a developer feature during the Blizzcon Live Stream, each one picturing the faces of the male and female of each class. These appear in the game as your character’s portrait when they’re speaking various lines of dialogue, but those views are thumbnail sizes. These are huge, each M/F pair is nearly a desktop-sized image, so check them out.

They’re all housed in our expansive (146 images and counting) Diablo III Character Artwork Gallery.

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14 thoughts on “Portrait Studies of all Five Classes

  1. Bit strange the skin tones of the female Monk and Witch Doctor aren’t the same. Surely they are the same people from the sams clans and yet pretty big skin tonal differences. I mean probably the WD looks way hotter without being purple, not sure on the Monk though.
    Not really an issue just pointing it out

    • looking at the images again in the HQ version, it looks like maybe it comes down to age difference. I mean it doesn’t mean anything, but just from a “make the game make sense” perspective I’d like to have reasons why there are differences.

    • Yeah it looks like the male monk gets out in the sun more, and it’s kind of weird how the female monk’s hair is actually white not light blonde like she was originally depicted to have… I’m guessing with the witch doctors it’s an age thing… the male has the look of a man in his 50s and the female is probably in her 30s… I also find it weird how he has those white irises… It all makes him look like he should have a lot more experience with the ways of his class, but he starts out a novice… it’s the same with the male barb…

      • Except for the Wizard it looks like all the males of the classes spend more time in the sun then the females…

    • The monk and witch doctor are from the same clans?
      Thats weird… the design influence wouldn’t suggest that at all.  Blizzard said at previous Blizzcon’s that the Monk has an Eastern European/Asian influence while the Witch Doctor has an African influence.
      If in the story they come from the same clan it wouldn’t really make much sense.

  2. Wow, barbarian female is so beautiful, far better than dh or wizard imo. Female monk is pretty too.

  3. It’s interesting looking at these so large… it’s probably about the size they were when they were being painted before they were shrunk down… they almost look like oil paintings, but you can tell they were done digitally…

    Looking at the barbs, you can see there’s definitely some scot-irish influence there… the monks kind of look eastern european… the demon hunters are definitely western european (side note, the female dh is blurry)… and the wizards don’t really look plain asian in these portraits… seems to be a little middle eastern influence in them…

  4. The male DH needs big improvement. The DHs are supposed to be cold, monster-slaying super warriors, but the male DH looks like the high school football captain in a 90s movie.

  5. So all the females are young 18-year-old cheerleaders from their respective tribes/cultures, while all the males (except maybe the DH) are wartorn veterans with wrinkled and grimacing faces.

    Yet they have the exact same stats.

    Makes perfect sense, bro.

  6. The wizards don´t look chinese like I thought they would, but more middle eastern especially the male wizard, who has almond shaped eyes….the barbarians are definitely scandinavians, because their culture is similar to vikings, but it also fits quite well geographically with the diablo lore, furthermore the male barb is very tall and the average height of males here is ca. 182(6 feet)…..the demon hunters look western european probably of celtic origin with the dark hair…. The monks have an eastern european influence about them.

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