Polygon’s tragic Reaper of Souls interview with Josh Mosqueira

There’s been a quite a few Reaper of Souls video interviews this week but this one is a classic.

I feel for Josh, with it’s terrible questions and an interviewer that really couldn’t give a toss about the game, who has done zero research. This interview is from Polygon, and although it’s void of any information, it’s here purely here for comedic value and completeness. Try not to choke on your coffee when watching.

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32 thoughts on “Polygon’s tragic Reaper of Souls interview with Josh Mosqueira

    • This is like the perfect example of why I generally ask longer or more detailed questions when I do an interview with devs. If you just ask short vague ones they assume (correctly, in most cases) that you know nothing about the game and give the most basic PR level of replies. Which is entirely appropriate, in this case.

      I don’t think she’s as bad as some of the other comments would indicate, but she’s clearly not a good interviewer/media person, and this was probably her 20th interview of the show and it’s about a game she clearly knows/cares nothing about.

      One thing I found interesting about this — In the old days before every interview went video, this type of interview was turned into a short write up on some general gaming site which sounded like it had been cobbled together from reading the press release. Zero new info, no personal insights, and all the “Josh Mosqueira said” type remarks seemed wasted or even fictional. So this is basically a “how the useless sausage gets made” video.

  1. WTF is that boghag doing?
    Upon interviewing a person you..
    A: Never sit sloth with your arms folded!
    B: put decent clothes on not something you just stole from a homeless person!

    *Supporting thumbs up for Josh here*

    • It’s hard to say anything new about the game when all the questions were asked from him before.

  2. Oh my, that was a bad interview. Preparation, know something about the game you’re interviewing about. Failing that look as if you give a tiny shit about the game.

  3. I think she made a few intrestring questions, specially with the “gothic aspect” to the game, that personally was RAPED in Diablo 3 with all the “children oriented” desings for some of the stuff in game (like some monsters, the world of rainbows wich is absolutely out of the game context)

    • And the DLC vs Expansion question, although she/we didn’t get an anwser to that, he just replied with a list what the Expansion will contain. We got a typical PR anwser.

      Its like we ask what is the differnce between apple and pears, and we get an answer which describes an apple.

  4. Trollish much? She did a fine job. Her clothes do not look like they’re from a homeless person. You don’t need to demean her (Orion’s comment).

    Sure, she slouched a bit and fumbled her words. But she asked some good questions too.


  5. I may be the only person here who thought the interview was fine. She’s writing for a mainstream gaming site, not a fan site, so her questions are hardly out of the ordinary. (Although she did lack poise, and could have shown more interest, or at least faked it.)

    While a lot of the fan sites have dug into the guts of the game (and given fans some really good info as a result), I was glad to hear the reaction Blizz has gotten. From what Josh said, it sounds quite positive.

    • yes general videogame press not general landscape gardening press! I don’t mind that she slouched or didn’t care about the game but I would like her to know something about the game and ask general questions.

      Has gamescom finished or does it go on another day still?

  6. This is the first time noticing it, but has anyone else noticed the skull in the design of the small poster between them? Nicely done.

  7. She clearly knows nothing about the Diablo franchise… So Blizzard will probably hire her to be game director for D3X2!

  8. There was really no excuse for poor questions. Heck, I write on a general gaming site and have to do lots of interviews on games I know little about but I do a lot of research first and make sure I understand the game and the goals of the developers before I do the interview. This is just shoddy and very poor.

    What’s more annoying is that there are other sites that would have loved to interview Josh but will not have had a slot because the slot was allocated to Polygon. It’s just very poor.

  9. “This feels like it’s laying the ground work for a fully featured game, is that the case?”

    Oh boy I lost it. It was entertaining but I think I still want those five minutes of my life back.

  10. “Awesome fundation diablo 3” I never dreamed about hearing those words together…now let me say…Josh, the fist step solving a problem is admit you have one…ok Diablo 3 fundation it’s just wrong…art, itemization, randomization, AH, always online…It’s a great game but far from a solid fundation.

  11. That lady was obviously feigning disinterest and trying to be passé about the whole thing. It was quite transparent. She should be trying to hook Josh through enthusiasm and openness and warmth, not the absolute complete opposite. What a clueless hag. The reason why this interview is so fahney is because it is an interview but with strong undertones of a not-so-secret secret love games affair of a senior reporter from Polygon. Just my two cents.

  12. I could understand the very generic questions, not everyone is like us and knows everything about this game BUT she looks bored as hell and that’s disrespectful and unprofessional.

  13. You were not kidding about how bad the interviewer was. Gotta hand it to Josh for his PR skills

    I did find the last question interesting, as how do you release an expansion pack for the console? As $40 DLC? That seems unlikely. Anyway, that was one question I had way back so at least she asked something unique.

    • The Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion was 2400 MS points ($30), and was available as DLC through Xbox Live. They also have Season Passes and Premium upgrades for some games that cost $50~, so Reaper of Souls being a $40 DLC could be a possibility.

  14. “Like…you have a new game coming out or whatever… did you see what Miley Cyrus did at the MVAs? Like OMG!”

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