Police Search for Diablo 3 Walmart Thieves

Police in Fort Wayne Indiana are hunting for two men who have been raiding local Walmart stores and stealing copies of Diablo 3. The two men are thought to be aged between 20 and 26, one stocky and the other slender and tall, and they have been lifting copies from the Walmart counters and removing the security Spiderwire devices with a key and marching out. So far around 20 stores have been hit in Indiana and Ohio.

Nobody knows why these two guys are stealing copies, but it’s likely to obtain the keys which they can then sell on to gold sellers once accounts are banned.


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15 thoughts on “Police Search for Diablo 3 Walmart Thieves

  1. I’m just surprised the people running the Walmart could count high enough to notice some were missing.

  2. That guy is a detective? I sure hope I never am the victim of a crime he’s investigating. “…probably anywhere from a foot and a half to two feet shorter than the other guy…” LOL, the short one is MAYBE a full head shorter, and your head is around 10 inches tall.

  3. Unsolved Mysteries….

    next up, white people short and stout and tall and skinny steal warcraft expansion games.

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha that was great for a laugh. That case will not be solved as long as this donut dunkin lardass of a cop is on the case.

    “One suspect is a foot and a half to two feet taller than the other” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA

    I actually cried I laughed so hard

  5. they’re two modern day “Robin Hood’s”

    saving the idiot masses from the nightmare that is D3

    I for one, commend them for their actions =P

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