Poison Dart Runed Videos

This batch of videos demonstrates the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor‘s DiabloWikiPoison Dart skill with each of the five runes. This is the skill the Witch Doctor starts the game with and unruned, it shoots a deadly poison dart that deals 100% weapon damage as Poison and an additional 80% weapon damage as Poison over 2 seconds.

They should all be considered as Spoilers even though DiabloWikiRunestone system is under a radical review right now.

First up is the skill with an Alabaster rune which makes it into the wonderfully-named ‘Snake to the Face’ meaning the snake has a chance of clamping to the target’s face and stunning for 3 seconds.

The animation of the snake once it attaches to the zombies’ faces isn’t right and I think that’s because these were filmed on the emulator server and they’ll only be that size when they are flying through the air but much smaller once attached. I hope so anyway because they look off, too big. The sound I hope is under review because they sound like the trampoline in my neighbour’s garden.


Next up is the Crimson rune making it into Flaming Dart which converts 227% weapon damage into Fire Damage which he’s using against some DiabloWikiGoatmen here. There doesn’t appear to be any fire splash damage to those adjacent to the target when the fiery dart explodes on impact.


A Golden rune will change the skill into Spined Dart which gains the player 207 Mana every time a dart hits a target. The visual effect on impact is the basic poison but you can see the effect of the rune when it’s in flight, a lovely blue hue to it.


An Indigo rune converts the skill to Splinters which shoots 3 darts at once each dealing 63% weapon damage as Poison. The visual difference is in the number of darts you see flying through the air and the poison hue to them.


The last rune is Obsidian turning Poison Dart into Numbing Dart which slows target’s movement speed by 60% for 6 seconds. Although you can’t see this slowing the monsters here because they’re not moving anyway you can see the darts’ animation is different. It leaves a small shock wave in its wake.

Thanks once more go to Risingred for filming these for us.

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    27 thoughts on “Poison Dart Runed Videos

      • I watched a video where the snake shoot was way much faster and that looked a lot better, but now in this video I have to agree with you. But maybe the problem is the emulator.

    1. well after all these are datamined runes – i wouldnt wonder if most of those damamined effects look different at this point in time – blizzard itself said that they are polishing the effects at this point.

      • …these aren’t “datamined”. They’re emulated. There’s an entire world or two of difference.

    2. Thats a joke right? Those snakes? Thats a good hacker making a funny right?  You say the skills need polishing?  How about pushing the release date back to never?  Seriously, is blizzard just f——g with us at this point?  that was the lamest thing i have ever seen.  that just ruined my night.  if i dont cancel my pre-order, i want a commitment from anyone who might play the WD that they will NEVER use the snake skill EVER.  i might be swandiving into the troll pool but i dare someone to defend the graphic and the sound on that.

      • Yeah, people can’t be allowed to have heated discussions on video game fansites. Bonus points for using the unique and insightful “get a life” and “it’s only a game” arguments.

      • Bah. I didn’t even bother reading half of that, it’s just some smokeless flaming without any substance.

    3. The snakes obviously have their scalling incorrect, as well as their firing point. That can be fixed in a matter of seconds – trust me.

      • Oh, can it? I’d love to see you try.

        Seriously. Post up the code somewhere and I’ll try it, Mr. Wizard.

        • Ok, my own emulated server is WIP, as all of them are, but I’ll do everyone a favor and skip basic features to fix and post up a video of the properly scaled snakes.

          Actually, I won’t have to, if you can deal with the shitty quality of http://youtu.be/sRgsldNOySg?t=50s. You “clearly” see that the snakes are smaller, and don’t come out of the WD’s back.

    4. I really applaud this site for being vocal about issues and criticisms with the game, but I’d say these videos aren’t very fair to show.  They are a glitchy mess and likely aren’t indicative of the final product.  There’s really nothing to be gained from talking about it now.

      • They are here to give an idea what the final rune effects may look like. Because they are done with an emulator, it should be obvious to the viewer that these are not necessarily the final product…

        That said, yes that snake animation is definitely not functioning properly… The others probably are though…

    5. Not only is it a dumb looking skill its a useless looking skill, I mean single target attacks has never been the center of diablos skill system.

    6. Speculation runs rampant with emulated effects:  Turnip could be on to something if it is a Multishot attack.  Still seems weak.

    7. Snake isn’t lit. Runed skills are no doubt WIP. Not sure how the patcher works (i.e. download all or some sorta fancy fill diff merger deal), but maybe they don’t include those changes to reduce bandwidth consumption and server load a notch. And maybe they don’t include the changes so we won’t continue spoiling ourselves with them!

    8. thx very much risingRed!
      if possible somehow i would love to see
      – mirror image,
      – arcane orb,
      – arcane torrent
      – familiar (in action; i have a feeling that this little thing shooting arcane bolts will look awefull)

      • I have some arcane torrent.
        Familiar is just a little glowing purple light.


        Look for the “spoiler warning” section, there’s a link. The other skills are incredibly complicated (as far as runes go) so I wouldn’t hold your breath on those for a while, including other pet skills. This isn’t me coding them. I just make tweaks.

    9. the whole witchdoctor class makes me cringe.. giant frogs.. snakes.. I just shake my head anytime i see anything about them;x..

    10. Elly has the coolest neighbor ever. I have never even thought to combine two of my favorite activities: gardening, and possibility of irrevocable damage to my bone structure.

    11. Even though these skill rune effects may be buggy, I’m really glad for anything to tide me over.

      Really looking forward to more, please! 🙂

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