This batch of videos demonstrates the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor‘s DiabloWikiPoison Dart skill with each of the five runes. This is the skill the Witch Doctor starts the game with and unruned, it shoots a deadly poison dart that deals 100% weapon damage as Poison and an additional 80% weapon damage as Poison over 2 seconds.

    They should all be considered as Spoilers even though DiabloWikiRunestone system is under a radical review right now.

    First up is the skill with an Alabaster rune which makes it into the wonderfully-named ‘Snake to the Face’ meaning the snake has a chance of clamping to the target’s face and stunning for 3 seconds.

    The animation of the snake once it attaches to the zombies’ faces isn’t right and I think that’s because these were filmed on the emulator server and they’ll only be that size when they are flying through the air but much smaller once attached. I hope so anyway because they look off, too big. The sound I hope is under review because they sound like the trampoline in my neighbour’s garden.


    Next up is the Crimson rune making it into Flaming Dart which converts 227% weapon damage into Fire Damage which he’s using against some DiabloWikiGoatmen here. There doesn’t appear to be any fire splash damage to those adjacent to the target when the fiery dart explodes on impact.


    A Golden rune will change the skill into Spined Dart which gains the player 207 Mana every time a dart hits a target. The visual effect on impact is the basic poison but you can see the effect of the rune when it’s in flight, a lovely blue hue to it.


    An Indigo rune converts the skill to Splinters which shoots 3 darts at once each dealing 63% weapon damage as Poison. The visual difference is in the number of darts you see flying through the air and the poison hue to them.


    The last rune is Obsidian turning Poison Dart into Numbing Dart which slows target’s movement speed by 60% for 6 seconds. Although you can’t see this slowing the monsters here because they’re not moving anyway you can see the darts’ animation is different. It leaves a small shock wave in its wake.

    Thanks once more go to Risingred for filming these for us.

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