This slipped under the radar, tucked away as it was on the Playstation site. It’s a presentation by DiabloWikiJosh Mosqueira, Diablo 3’s new Game Director made from the Sony stand at this year’s E3. He’s joined by DiabloWikiJason Bender, DiabloWikiJohn Hight], Tiffany Watt and Matthew Berger (sp?) who demo a four player game to the Sony crowd.

    He talks them through the different classes and their play styles and some of the new interfaces. He stresses that Blizzard are hoping the Playstation version they’ve built feels like it’s been tailor made for the console – I guess as opposed to the crappy ports devs usually cobble together for PC players.

    The same screen gameplay looks impressive with the camera keeping all four players on the screen at the same time and the more streamlined interface should allow easy access to all the UIs.

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