Playing Diablo III on a Tablet

We saw news in the days after launch that Diablo III was theoretically playable on an iPad. Today Kotaku Oz shares video, not of an iPad, but of someone using their sticky sausage fingers to operate D3 on some other tablet. The frame rate and visuals look okay, though the user reports that he’s running with everything on low and at a 1280×760 resolution. Machine specs:

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC (Intel Core i5 @ 1.6GHz 4 cores, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 3000) running Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

I’m reminded of the famous quote about a bear riding a bicycle. You’re impressed not that it’s done well, but that it’s done at all.

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11 thoughts on “Playing Diablo III on a Tablet

  1. I have a touchscreen tablet too… Any intel-based Windows tablet can just run it as long as it meets the minimum specs.

    If you notice, he basically only does one attack and it’s because of his control system. The biggest problems with his controls are first that Diablo relies on mouse hovering for many things (which obviously won’t work with touch), and second that your finger covers up monsters when seeing the actions they are about to do is important.  

    His current setup would work much better with a Wacom pen, which solves both of those problems.  Add on a keyboard, or better yet something like a G13 and the autohotkey scripts on these forums, and this type of input would be just as good as a mouse.

    • Notice that a Sentry was deployed, meaning he has peripheral device(s) attached, instead of using the key onscreen.

  2.   That looks terrible. And tapping all over your tablet for hours does not sound like a good time at all.

  3. TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK  I wonder how much time it’ll need until the Touchscreen wents to were it came from: hell 😀

    New Stresstest Method

  4. diii would be great on ps vita of all non_mouse+keyboard controls
    this guy is sick
    author is sick too

  5. Notice how he only used one attack the whole time. I don’t see this working with the crazy amount of skill usage necessary to be successful. Not only will your hands get REALLY freakin tired very fast, but you can’t possibly use your fingers like that responsively enough to any level of accuracy and finesse that the mouse and keyboard allow. Which is necessary in order to do the multitasking, and at a reasonable pace.

    Also, this method will be downright impossible to keep up past Nightmare. This is why, if there is ever to be a console version of this, the UI would need to be reworked. Plus, this game clearly isn’t meant for touchscreens or tablets. At least not yet.

    • “I don’t see this working with the crazy amount of skill usage necessary to be successful.”

      Gear m8… first and foremost that is anyway 

  6. It’s a little ironic that all the money people sink into these trendy, “hip” tablets could be used to build a very solid gaming desktop PC that will run Diablo 3 and many other games at max or high settings for years to come.

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