DiabloWikiBashiok stopped by the B.net forums today and made a couple of posts of interest.

    In the first, a fan asks about the “Always Connected” *feature* of B.net 2.0/SC2, and wonders if we must be online to play. In other words, is it impossible to play if you are not online, or while B.net is down? Bashiok replies in fairly reassuring terms, and then answers a follow-up.

    I suppose this applies here but remember that StarCraft II and Diablo III are different games, and while they will be using a unified Battle.net platform we don’t know what the requirements for Diablo III will be yet. In regards to StarCraft II, yes you can play single player offline after authenticating the game.

    As far as I’ve heard it for StarCraft II you authenticate and then can play single player without being connected. While you don’t have to authenticate every time I think there’s some situations where you may be asked to re-authenticate. Like after a hardware upgrade. That’s really a better question for the StarCraft II forums though.

    If this is the case, I would suggest that Blizzard calls it “mandatory registration” instead of “authentication” because there’s a whole world of difference. They’re giving off a wholly incorrect impression.

    Bashiok: Fair point, it was just the word I chose…[/blue]

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