DiabloWikiBashiok said players won’t have access to all the areas shown in the DiabloWikiWorld Map. This was the case with Diablo II and Lord of Destruction. We certainly didn’t access it all. This rises a thought in your head, right away.  Are we going to explore those areas in future expansions? Hmm.  Remember that time when DiabloWikiJay Wilson said previous classes won’t return in Diablo 3, but that they might in later expansions? Let’s hope that’s the case.

    On the topic concerning skill ranks, those who experienced the Diablo III hands-on demo at DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2008 noticed certain talents only had rank 1 or very limited ranks. Bashiok confirms it was only for the demo and it wasn’t final.

    Lastly, Bashiok will run a poll for a whole month to find out which class you look forward to playing once Diablo 3 is launched. Do everyone a favour and participate in the poll.

    Bashiok: The DiabloWikiworld map is simply just that, a map of the world. You won’t be visiting all of the locations in the world while playing Diablo III.—source.

    It was mentioned at DiabloWikiBlizzCon that while the demo shown at the event only allowed one skill point per active skill, we’re planning for them to actually allow a decent number of points to be spent on them. And that’s still the direction we’re headed at this point.—source.

    While we of course still have two unannounced classes, out of the three announced which are you most excited about playing?

    The poll will run for one month. Vote here.[/blue]
    Note that we’ve been running a vote on this same subject for some time, so it will be interesting to compare the Battle.net forum percentages to ours. Here are the current totals here:

    • Which class will you play?
      • Wizard —2621 votes—49.22%
      • Barbarian—1588 votes—29.82%
      • Witch Doctor—1116 votes—20.96%
    • Total Votes: 5325

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