Players hit 70 in just over an hour on Season 1 – Community not happy

With Blizzard having tested the Seasons on the PTR there were some glaring issues with levelling process which is down to the fact you can jump right into Adventure Mode. It took around 1 hour 40 for the first 70 to appear with a softcore character and there has been various loopholes used to level fast. These were pointed out in PTR testing in case you were wondering.

Now obviously the speed at all this has happened has left a lot of the community perplexed and frustrated, mainly because DiabloWikiAdventure mode is facilitating this with the rewards. Hardcore is obviously a riskier business and anyone who’s serious about the Seasons will have likely rolled a HC character anyway.

Adventure mode quest rewards is one of the popular methods used with A Miner’s Gold on the Howling Plataeu and The Miser’s Will in Act V. Another method is running rings around Maltheal.

As with every game there are always going to be players racing to the top by any means necessary but you have to wonder if Blizzard will look at these seasons carefully and address how they should function to make them challenging. Perhaps Season 2 will bring some changes. Anyone expecting some sort of Season 1 rollback, and it is being requested by some members of the community, is likely to be disapointed. We’ll have to see how Blizzard respond in the hours ahead.

Videos of how this is being done have been popping up and streamers have been using this method since the season launched. There’s a couple of videos of how most players are doing it after the break…


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  1. This is why I believe they should introduce overall item power level and with it make the itemization deeper. Basically every piece equipment should be scored based on the stats it has rolled. Instead of chasing levels, people would again chase loot in D3, and loot drops cannot be cheated that much.

    • People will always chase levels until there's a Conquest for it, and that's the whole point. I'm sure for the next season these leveling methods will be tweaked or eliminated completely.

      As for chasing items, well, I don't know about you but that's all I do at level 70, Paragon levels are just a nice bonus I don't really care about.

      • "Nice bonus I don;t care about?" The you OBVIOUSLY do not understand how to allocate paragon points to increase your character's abilities.

        • Just because someone doesn’t care about something doesn’t mean they don’t understand them or use them.

          Like he said they’re nice, but I could care less about them either if they happen they happen.

        • Obviously… Or maybe it's just that Paragon points are much less important than gear and since I don't have absolutely best-in-slot items I primarily care about finding those first. Meanwhile I still get Paragon levels, which is a nice bonus, but nothing significant. Hell, the miniscule bonus you get for gaining a single level on one Legendary gem has probably more significance than one Paragon level.

  2. There should be no revive at corpse. At least not in Softcore 😛 That would at least make it difficult, as you would have to survive.

    • How about no revive at all in GRs?

      Also, raise the damn repair costs through the roof. Death is still absolutely meaningless in SC, especially since RoS. Now with the new Treasure Vault everyone will be swimming in gold anyway, we may as well have a good gold sink that will never fill up, unlike crafting and enchanting.

  3. First off, I simply don't have the time to care about Seasons' competitive rankings. I thought to play them a bit like I enjoyed D2's ladders as a brief break from the massive duping so rapidly ruining economies. Those first few days of D2 were so, so awesome, when you actually could jump in a trade room with a crappy level 35 item and get something in return. These days I'd only play Seasons if they had really interesting season-only content, which they don't.

    So from an outsider, non-competitive gamer's perspective, I guess I thought people doing seasons really only really care about Greater Rift braggery. As such, I assume every single competitive player made a DH immediately. 2.1 class balance, yeee hah!

    • You can be plenty competitive just with other players of the same class, no need to compare classes. That's why each class has a ranking dedicated to them after all.

      That said, going by the leaderboards inter-class balance is probably in the best state it ever was. DHs are indeed outliers, but not by much. I expect slight nerfs to Sentries and/or their pets in the near future.

      • As far as I can tell, it's not the DH that's overpowered, just Marauder. It seems like these days Blizz is scared of nerfing almost anything anymore (power creep!) but Marauder really should be toned down.

        • Through the nerfing of Sentries and pet damage Marauder would be nerfed as well. It's not that DHs rely upon pet damage without Marauder anyway.

          They do rely on Sentries however, but I think it was a mistake buffing them in the first place. Against solitary targets (so mostly Guardians) they deal the majority of the DHs damage and they do so passively. I have been playing a DH for a quite a while now and Sentries provided ridiculous amount of damage against a single target even before 2.1, especially the Spitfire Turret rune and the Ballistics passive. Add Bombardier's Rucksack and/or Custom Engineering into the mix and you may as well just sit back and relax, because you won't ever outdamage your turrets. Leaving them at their pre-2.1 level would have been a completely reasonable decision in my opinion.

          • Maybe I'm doing it wrong but my non-Marauder-owning DH certainly can't just drop Sentries and expect anything to die quickly without my help. Outside of single targets, the base skill isn't really that powerful. It's only the specialty items that start making the skill silly – yet another reason why skill-specific Legs get problematic.

          • I *was* talking about single target damage. Well, mostly. Damage against solitary targets is important in Rifts thanks to Guardians, but Sentries also excel against smaller groups like Elites and in mopping up stragglers.

        • i can think of a few recent nerfs exploding palm rhimeheart furnace comes to mind but with marauders theres not alot of choice since the other sets are crappy in comparison

  4. How to fix all current and future bounty 'exploits' in one easy step:

    re-introduce nephalem valor (lvl 1-69 only, 3 stacks)
    – 0 stacks – you cannot gain experience
    – 1 stack – you only gain 10% of normal exp
    – 2 stacks – you only gain 60% of normal exp
    – 3 stacks – you +30% bonus experience

    there, T6 bounty abuse no longer possible and game hopping all in all greatly discouraged.

    • That might be a good idea, but:

      – season-only, level 1-69

      – only 1 stack (1 elite pack kill), so that it doesn't hurt players who are trying to play normally too much and still disables the exploits, because you have to kill an elite pack to unlock bounty rewards and if you're over your head in terms of difficulty, you either won't be able to do it or it will be too inefficient.

      – only applies to bounty rewards (0 stacks – no exp from bounties, 1 stack – 100% experience from bounties), so that if you want to you can start on T6 or any higher difficulty and torture yourself.

      • yeah i guess no need for 3 stacks. so basically:

        kill an elite pack to gain nephalem valor. nephalem valor allows you to gain experience.

        ('–from bounties' although i think it might as well global exp gain block)

    • That's a really complicated solution, and a bad solution. All they have to do, and will most certainly do, is add monsters to those quests. They can be completed without killing one single monster, that's the problem, not the entire leveling system althogether.

      • i don't see what's complicated about killing an elite pack tbh. my solution is better because they wouldn't have to design every bounty around people potentially abusing it.

    • Easiest solution : season char should not have acces to adventure mode till lvl 70 so no more bounty exploit period

  5. Is anyone surprised?

    • My biggest surprise was the fun side and alternate playstyle of Miner's Gold – having to manage your defensive cooldowns and kite mad lacunis that will one shot you while you dodge wasp shots, searching vendors for gearing in weird ways between runs.

      To be honest, it is a bounty, it was mentioned on PTR and they didn't care. Added to the fact that leaderboards and seasons aren't about leveling, I wouldn't say it is an exploit. Add a "kill all the remaining…" clause to keep them in line with other bounties would be acceptable Blizz thing to do, but not as an "exploit fix".

      If/when they fix this, I hope they improve the exp from bounties under 70. They are so careful on not to buff skills like blessed hammer, to avoid an overbuff on lower levels (that people skip in 2 hours or so) but they seem to ignore that some nerfs on bounties really made "regular" levelling harder.

      Imo, the rewards for the rest of bounties needs to be improved if they "fix" this (even if pre-70 only, using some sort of curve). It was acceptable on non-seasonal chars because of legacy hellfire rings, legacy cain's, marquise on helms, etc.

  6. Wait so:

    Nameless masses: "We want ladders so Diablo has competition and racing and fun because right now it's a ghost town waaahhhh."

    Ladders implemented

    Nameless masses: "Waaaaaah some people leveled faster than me wahhhhh."

    Pick one or the other, guys. Blizzard is not going to be able to balance the entire game, ever. If you knew those exploits weren't patched, and care about stupid stuff like leaderboards or what have you, then why weren't you using them yourselves?

    • A flaw team do flaw thing. I have try seasons great rift and truly done with ROS

    • don't you think it's a problem when the fastest leveling method is restarting the game over and over and not killing any mobs? cause i think it's quite freakin' silly.

      there will always be some fastest way to level but i would like it to involve playing the game frankly. and i don't think it's too much to ask either.

  7. Didn't care before, don't care now. I'll level a seasonal to 70 once for the transmog, then delete it when it's folded into the regular list, just like I would have done before.

    Honestly, these races to first whatever are the same in every game, as are the complaints. When this gets fixed, someone will find a new exploit to use and ovwer and over. True balance just means putting every character in front of a long hallway of trash and letting everyone kill the exact same thing and see who gets their first (i.e. least lag wins! Competition is fun!).

  8. Does anyone have a list of the hidden banner rewards? I've gotten a few, but I don't know what else I need.

    And if Blizzard were to start Diablo 3 from scratch today, they might seriously consider dumping leveling. I know I would. Use objectives and achievements to gate skills, gems, and gear. Have more character-specific binding (but not too crazy) to "force" characters to play through the difficulty slider instead of skipping ahead too much. Leveling for the sake of leveling is dead and dumb, and paragon only makes it worse.

  9. Don’t care. Never have. Never will. Maybe when I was 16. I feel like I speak for 90% of Diablo2/3 players when I say we don’t play the ladders/seasons to get our epeen hard or see our name on a list. We play them for the season only rewards and because it’s a fun reason to start a new character and experiment with different classes and abilities as you level. That is all there is to it.

  10. It is all because the game is boring. Season doesnt help much. Everything pre lv 70 is waste of time ! both builds, items, material, everything. Blizzard ask player to sit longer in the ” boring period” . It is waste of time.

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